Our mission is to educate you to develop long term sustainable habits and behaviours.

After completing our 21 Day Detox you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to ensure you never again have to worry about losing control of the way you look and feel. If you want to overhaul your eating habits for the long term or you crave the challenge of new high energy workouts we offer two Progress Plans.

Stage 1 

You will continue burning fat and shredding inches with new workouts which push the body harder to generate the results you want. You will gradually reintroduce wheat, gluten, dairy and caffeine and monitor how your body responds to these foreign foods. We help you make the right choices when eating out or faced with temptation and continue to motivate, push you and keep you right on track.

£25 for 14 days. Book here

Stage 2 

Maybe you have an event or a goal that you are working towards and need the continued inspiration and support of your group. Our brand new challenging workouts take your fitness up another level. We will guide you back to eating ‘normally’ by creating your own clean, healthy and sustainable food plan, incorporating snacks and cheat meals so you can enjoy life to  the full whilst staying clean and lean.

£25 for 14 days. Book here