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Wow weeee what a couple of has been a rather busy time for me so I would firstly like to apologise for my tardiness in posting this blog a few days late, but better late than never....I hope!

OK, lots to report, firstly I was pretty devastated with the news that in the new Bridget Jones book Mark Darcy is no longer with us but that it is completely different story and I could be here for ever, it was pretty hard for me to not turn to the Sauv Blanc and wail into my hairbrush a rather bad rendition of Mariah Carey “without you” at that news I can tell you!!!

I digress, OK MCL familiar, last time I reported in I was back from a hectic fitness weekend with the lovely Jo P and about to embark on the Autumn Awakening Programme on the Monday morning so I will tell you a bit about this and what I have been doing in the last 2 weeks with help of MCL.

I have to say I was really chuffed to be doing the Autumn Awakening with my 2 amigos Sara Fletcher and Ellie Valentine and the banter was flowing and spirits were up. We posted a few pics of our food and the 2 girls posted some yummy recipes to try. It is always easier to keep going when you are in a group with everyone to motivate each other as you kind of feel like you are letting everyone else down too if you slip off the wagon.  It is fair to say that we all kept each other company and were a little bit sad to end the 7 days. The plan is very easy to follow and includes some great pilates and tabata workouts (you can keep the burpees though Jo P) and get to eat fruit and starchy carbs quite a lot, so the meals and sticking to the programme is  a piece of cake (oh no, did I mention cake ahhh). Unfortunately after Day 2 I got a rather bad bug so whilst I found the food and fasting easy the workouts stopped for a couple of days but these things happen.  By Day 4 I was back to feeling up to it and continued on my merry way.  I made kedgeree, my fave stir fry, a lovely chicken stuffed with tomato and basil with roasted veg and even a roast dinner with butternut squash instead of pots.  Both Ellie and I had our anniversaries to celebrate and whilst I was a bit of a swotty pants (according to Mrs V) I am not going to tell tales out of school about Mrs V, but she could have been a lot worse than her gluten free lager (???) haha. Anyway, we all weighed in last Monday and I am pleased to report that there were some great scores and I managed to lose 4.5lbs and an inch off most areas which I will quite happily take.  Well done girls, great being in group with you again and Sara well done for not moaning haha!!  Oh and a big happy anniversary to the 3 amigos for our year anniversary on MCL whoop whoop!  Will send you a freddo in the post to celebrate :) and as royalty payment.


On Sunday night I decided to go again on the Autumn Awakening as I had been ill at the beginning of week 1, but I knew I had the much anticipated ebook launch mid- week so did this knowing that I would have a few “cheats” with the girls to celebrate. I started off the week well on Monday but having done the burpee challenge at the weekend I think I overdid it and my back wasn’t best pleased so workouts were a little bit stilted and I refrained from the gym as knew I had a fitness weekend coming up and didn’t want to be out of action for that little baby.

Steph and I at The Launch night 'up North' 

tracey and steph.jpg


So, the big day arrives last Wednesday and Steph Blackman and I travelled up by train to Leeds.  I have to say we were both really excited about attending and meeting some of the people that we have shared our journeys with and also to meet up with the wonderful ladies Fern and Jo who have helped and encouraged all of us on our mission.  

We checked in and arrived at the venue and was so pleased to be a part of a great night and also get to see the much awaited e-book.. This book will not disappoint, it has some amazing recipes and gives you all the information you need to stay clean and lean with a few treats and cheats along the way and is a bargain!

The lovely Jen, Sarah and Ellie at The Launch

jen sarah ellie.jpg

Hopefully most of you have decided to buy this little baby as it will definitely provide you with lots of lovely recipe choices and the essential shopping list.  

The lovely Jo Telfer & Char

tracey jo char.jpg

I have to say I had an absolutely fantastic night and am so pleased that I had the opportunity to go oop north and meet everyone and spend time with my other blogging buddies.  Although I knew the bikini blogger Char from fitness weekends, I had never met Jo T and was so happy to meet her and hear about her journey and it is like I have known her a long time.  I was rather impressed to hear how her Double J’s had reduced to Double F’s on this programme too and I have pledged to join a group with her very soon to get to goal for her big day......come on Jo T get down and give me 300 squats and V sits Whoop!

If you were at the launch you probably all are reading this blog as I know Char did a pretty good job off signing everyone up to it on the night so I’d like to say a big well done to the lovely Sarah Beevers, Jennifer Rhodes, Hazel Fernandes, Jenna,Steph Kimber, Steve Blacker and the lovely Ellie Valentine too.  It was great to meet you all and it is fair to say there would have been a few sore heads Thursday girls, I won’t mention the wheelbarrow......eek, I just did!

Fern, Jo, Sarah and Char!!!!

char ellie sarah fern.jpg

Jo P eating the MCL bloggers cake like her life depends on it! Starving after the Launch!

jo eating cake.jpg

Everybody at the event had a great story to tell about how MCL has changed their life not just from weight loss but also how the eating plan makes you feel in yourself and the energy you have, so if you are reading this and never tried the plan, I urge you to jump on board, try the 7 day Autumn Awakening and you will not be disappointed.

It is fair to say that after Weds and my “cheats” I did indulge in a few more cheats over the next couple of days as I was away on another fitness weekend with the lovely Jo Parry and Char Bird and we had a fab time. It is all about balance and control, knowing that I will be back on it again very soon, the reason I know this is after a few days of eating cupcakes and drinking, I feel sluggish and tired and skin breaks out and I start to crave all things clean.

Jo and I at the Wedding Party Fancy dress at Fitness Fiesta...

me and tracey bridesmaid.jpg

So I am signing off a very happy bunny a few pounds lighter, back in MCL mode again with  lots more friends from the group to communicate with and a fab recipe book to get stuck into!

However, I am still devastated about Mark Darcy........

Until next time, stay clean and lean.....

T xxx