Sit back, relax and reflect by Charlotte Carlton

Well I wasn't sure what I was going to write about this week, but I found a picture before I started the detox, and I knew what I wanted to do!

This picture was from 18 month ago, in February last year! I decided to put a recent photo next to it, just to compare the difference in my appearance and I along with many others was very shocked and the obvious difference! I just couldn't believe the change in my self.

'Me' 18 months ago and now

char before after.jpeg

When I was at the size I previously was, I felt that I looked fantastic, I was eating healthy and because I was dancing twice a week, I thought I was fit! Well we all know what thought can do, and it can be very deceiving! 

So Jo invited myself and my mum along with many others to a seminar she was running regarding this new detox and how it could help you loose weight and gain a good level of fitness! We all laugh now but at the time I was very negative and rude towards the plan! I was a typical young adult that sat throughout the talk with my feet up, thinking I was there just to make numbers up! Well needless to say that day changed my life forever!

Until I saw Jo's own photos of her original weight loss I wasn't interested, but I thought for £49 I would give it a go and really just support Jo throughout her new venture and in particular her first group to keep it lively!

The thought of salad and vegetables replacing fried chicken or potato skins and water and fruit tea replacing lucozade orange was unbearable but hey it paid off! There was so much negativity around me when I was doing the plan with people telling me I wouldn't succeed at it, friends trying to put me off eating healthy and start drinking alcohol but that negativity actually drove me to prove people wrong, and I did! 

Mission clean and Lean is a part of my everyday busy working life now! I am able to eat clean, get up on a morning and exercise and also enjoy myself partying on a weekend when I can. Not to mention enjoying a nice cheat meal on a weekend without seeing a weight gain! My positive outlook on life has changed also, I am much happier in myself and in my confidence and personality.  I feel more driven to succeed with any task in hand as I know I am capable of doing it now!

MC&L is one big family! It's not a fad diet where you see a change for a month and go back to where you were it will stay with you forever! It trains your mind on the correct foods you need to eat to gain the best benefits, plus the short cardio & strength workouts you have to do give you a great level of fitness, motivation, stamina and focus to get the results! The mentors and directors of the company Jo Parry & Fern Whittaker are very supportive, they keep you focused energised and are always there to help out! You don't have to go to any classes locally, calorie count or eat processed microwave food that is full of sugar!!! You eat enjoy real food with healthy sized portions allowing you to make food for you or your family. The MC&L community is developed and nurtured in a secret group online where only the other MC&L people that are joining you on there mission can see! 

The lovely Tracey & Jo, my fellow bloggers from the eBook launch night

launch night girls.jpeg

I have made so many new friends along my MC&L journey I feel blessed. Jo and Tracey who are my fellow bloggers have become very good friends. The support from fellow members is outstanding and everyone is so positive! Training, talking and giggling amongst like minded people is a wonderful thing, it’s pure goodness for the soul!

I hope you take the mission like I did and many others did whatever your intentions are, whether it's weight loss, diet change, fitness increase, the need for glowing skin, a new appearance, a transformation, then join us and become part of the MC&L family! 

I am a regular person and I have been known to fall on and off the wagon, which I do! I don't live my life not enjoying myself I'm always out for dinner out in town socialising so it doesn't control your life it just becomes your way of life! 

Look forward to hearing and seeing many more success stories soon and wish you luck if you do take on the challenge! 

Char x