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Well a bit of a disastrous week..... & my parents were only away for 10 days but boy was it 10 long days! The first problem was cooking, as many people know I wouldn't have been as successful as I was on the detox if it wasn't for my mum! I do struggle to cook and didn't manage brilliantly on my own at cooking or eating clean food however now they are back home life is back to normal! I feel so much better in myself when I am eating healthy and working out every day! The difference you feel even in just 2 days is phenomenal I feel so much more energised and positive!

Felling positive!

happy char.png


It was finally Friday so I headed to Nandos with the girls for my daily chicken dose and great chats then home to chill!

Saturday was cleaning day before my parents came home so it was up and at it then it was time to get ready for the charity work ball, I was rather excited! 

So it was time to wear a dress I bought 2 years ago which at the time was a tight slim fitted size 14 and has now been taken down to a size 8!

char in dress.jpeg


I have to say this was the best I have felt throughout my entire MC&L journey. I am so happy with my achievements, albeit they were hard at time and I would like to give thanks to the inspirational leaders Jo & Fern that made me the person I am today. At the Ball I received so many compliments from old colleagues who knew me before and knew me as a size 14, which I hasten to add is a good size but not the size I wanted to be. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to hear people saying how great I looked. Chuffed to bits!

last one.jpeg


After the extravagant Ball I finished the weekend with Lee and we went to an Ice hockey match, plus we had a very enjoyable oven based pizza at Prezzo to cap it off!

char on her own.jpeg

So it's the big countdown to the E-Book launch for the girls next Thursday. The girls and I along with the MCL members will be celebrating the release with a couple of rather large drinks! Hope to see you there.

Take care,