City blog by Tracey Harding

Hey MCL family, hope you are well and all remembered to put the clocks back, have to confess I didn’t manage too but I’ve been house bound of late so an hour extra for me has meant an extra hour to catch up on Downton and Homeland so not all bad I suppose…

So, it’s been a bit of a topsy turvy couple of weeks and I would first of all warn you all that this isn’t going to be a pleasant read this week so I will keep it brief. I am feeling rather sorry for myself and have gone a little off kilter but my Positive Mental Attitude will return soon, along with my love of all things clean :)

OK, so here’s the thing, I came back from my recent fitness weekend 2 weeks ago and started the week in MCL mode, braved one of the large supermarket stores to stock up on all the planned food for the week, I do love to see my shopping trolley full of all bright and colourful fresh food.  For me it is all in the planning as I need to make sure that I cater for days when I am able to make own food and also days where I will have lunches and dinners with clients and so it is essential to get the balance right with main meals and light meals i.e. soups, salads etc where I am eating out too.


I have also started Meat Free Mondays and so need to think about this and have to say the new cookbook has helped me come up with some new alternative options too.  Whilst it is not completely MCL I made a lovely butternut squash and feta salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar as well as the butternut squash soup.  

Monday to Wednesday things were going great and I enjoyed making the beef and kale stir fry as one of my meals.  I had a meeting and a suppliers lunch planned for Wednesday so I fasted in the morning and this is where things start to get a bit topsy as I had the start of the much talked about Camber Cold (apparently a lot of people suffer from this after the fitness weekend at Camber) and felt all bunged up and bleurgh.  I was taken to a nice fish restaurant where I could have a nice healthy meal but what I didn't realise (or rather ignored) is the copious amounts of white wine wouldn't soak up the garlic prawn starter and poached haddock and spinach main and proceeded to get absolutely blotto …..I am either a complete lightweight these days or my capacity for drinking has reduced significantly.  Personally, I would like to blame it on the cold but not sure I am going to get away with that. Luckily, the supplier knows me very well and quite enjoyed the hugs and kisses that I was bestowing on them as well as other colleagues who I saw later that night….needless to say I didn’t feel so good in the morning but I find fasting and drinking lots of water does help me out these days and I was lucky enough to be going to a nice spa day rather than the office and so a massage and facial sorted me right out and by lunch time I felt a lot better and was back to basics.  

steak dinner.jpg

The rest of the week passed by without any misdemeanours and I also made the lamb koftas Friday night despite desperately wanting wine and fish and chips ( I haven't craved fish and chips for ages but some annoying person got on the tube with them and made my mouth water grrrr).

As I had a rotten cold I had a nice quiet weekend relaxing and so not a lot to report but I did have my lovely nan over for dinner on Sunday with my dad and girlfriend for her 92nd birthday and made her a nice roast dinner with trimmings for all the family and I had a couple of small roast potatoes and glass of red wine to toast her good health (my excuse) oh and a bit of apple pie and ice cream too….

Tracey and her nan.jpg

And so back to work I go again last Monday starting the week in positive frame of mind but unfortunately for me I had to go to hospital for some tests Tuesday and for those who know me know I am not very good when it comes to blood and was a bit of a wuss. I felt sorry for the nurse as my knees buckle and I go into panic mode but am pleased to report that I did not pass out and so I treated myself to a Freddo, clearly for medicinal purposes.  

I had to go in for an op Thursday last week and had to fast and NIL by Mouth from 8am  in the morning in preparation. I wasn't too worried about this from the MCL fasting but have to say not drinking water all day was not much fun.  I was quite pleased when the sister took my blood pressure before I went to theatre and told me I had very low blood pressure and did I work out?  Clearly all the exercise and MCL clean living has had a massive improvement here so was chuffed at this bit of news despite being tad nervous of the impending op.  Last thing I remember before coming round was the anaesthetist telling me the first shot is 2 glasses of wine and the second is the whole bottle of champers without the hangover when you wake up…….she was not wrong there!

Since the op, I have not been clean and lean at all but this is purely because I have lost my appetite for food, I am drinking lots of fruit tea and water but on the whole I just don’t fancy any food and am eating here and there when I fancy it, Freddo’s seem to appear quite a lot though but of course you have to appreciate this is just helping me through :) and I’ve not been able to exercise either so all in all I’m a bit meh!!!

I am starting to feel more human and am going back to work this week, and am sure that when I am up to it I will be signing up for the bootcamp.  Looking at the thread it looks like week commencing 18th is going to be a bumper week with lots of the MCL family taking part but it is available throughout the whole of November and I am looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on and wish them luck, if it is anything like past plans it will be fantastic.  


I have also noticed that there is a MEN ONLY group and I know my Chris is up for this, just wonder how he will cope without his morning coffee though, haha….oh and the dreaded BURPEES !!!

On that note, I will sign off, still a bit meh but be back in action very soon

Stay safe, keep clean and lean

T xxx