Happy Halloween Blog by Charlotte Carlton

Hey gang hope everyone had a fab weekend probably celebrating Halloween I imagine! 

Well mine was a special weekend! It was our very own MC&L Director Jo Parry's hen do. It is safe to say we weren't clean, but it was so worth it! 4pm and the party had started the drinks were flowing in the hotel bar and we were all catching up with friends from up and down the country. By 6pm we headed to our rooms to get ready for the 60's, 70's and 80's river boat party in Chester, and what a laugh we had. It was a brilliant evening and I had such a great time alongside fantastic friends, MCL herself Jo Parry. It’s safe to say we sent her off into her married life with a bang!

me and char.jpg


It was a fantastic night and we definitely paid for it the next day.  Looking at the other MCL Director Fern Whittaker over the table in the restaurant the next morning it was safe to say it had been a messy evening! Only kidding Fern!  But it was just an amazing night with amazing people! 

me char fern.jpg

 The hangover had kicked in and I didn't do too bad food wise to say I was a bit worse for wear! Usually I eat every bad food in site but that wasn't the case! I enjoyed some bacon and sausage for breakfast followed by some yoghurt with berries which I very much enjoyed and knew I hadn't ate too bad. I also enjoyed a cheeky mini croissant! So it was up and off home back to Leeds! I slept most of the afternoon. Not good at 21, I know, but it had to be done then headed out for dinner with my other half! 

Char MC Hammer.jpg

So it was Monday and back on it ready for a clean week in preparation for MCL Elite. Which I am über excited for!

So all you hardcore MCLer’s I think you need to jump on board! From the sneak previews of the different array of foods and workouts it is a definite must! It's only for 7 days... & it's happening every week in November!

If you have fallen off the wagon of late then this will be perfect to get you back in the swing of clean eating and working out every day. It would be great to see some old faces in the groups! I know me and my fellow Bloggers are doing it and even better there are no more excuses that your other halves can't support you as there is now a Men's only group. That's right, men detoxing! It isn't just for ladies it's also for men!


 So if you’re going to do it get your other half on board at the same time and get a bit of a competition running between you both. I'm sure you will see fantastic results and a serious increase in fitness levels! To sign up to MCL Elite please go to www.missioncleanlean.com and you get a work out vest top - BONUS! So let’s all get back on this ready for that Christmas little black dress and challenge one another!

So if you are carving pumpkins this evening and wondering what to do with the filling check the website and you will find recipes on what to do!

Well I'm going now, up early to hit the gym! So hope to see some of you in the MCL Elite group Monday! Whoop!

Have an amazing weekend if you are going to any bonfires put down the toffee apples and pies and get some berries celery, cashew nuts if you’re snacking in front of the fire, unless of course it is your CHEAT then GO FOR IT!

Take care Love Char