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On a scale of 1 - 10 on being clean over the last 2 weeks I reckon I am teetering around the 6.5….so could do better but I am not beating myself up as I am still on the road to recovery after my recent little op and so taking each day as it comes.

The good news is the appetite is back (should be good news but I seem to having a little bit of a sweet tooth at the moment so need to sort that out) and I am back at work. I now am back in a routine and can start to plan meals around my busy workload and client entertaining and with the run up to Christmas there will be a lot more socialising so it is important I keep balance in between.

So, the last 2 weeks seem to have flown by and I will give you a summary of what I have been doing and how I am eating clean and coping day to day or not as the case may be for 35% of it  ha!

I tend to follow the Autumn Awakening diet for the best part of the week when I can which consists of Protein Greens and Starchy Carb style meals and 2 days of fasting.  I try and make a few meals from the book when I can but I am also happy to eat Lamb, Pork or fish with veg, I did make a lovely duck in Chinese five spice with Pak Choi and tender stem broccoli which is rather yummy, mix it up a bit and you never get bored and it is amazing how many of your favourite recipes you can adapt to be a cleaner version.

Tracey rave.jpg

So last weekend I had the last Fitness Fiesta weekend of the year, I was pretty anxious to be honest as I hadn’t exercised for over 2 weeks and bizarrely I wasn’t feeling it which is unusual for me.  Chris told my friends they had to make sure I take it easy too.  Food wise it is quite difficult to be 100% clean as you are reliant on the hotel food but I tend to go for the soup option followed by meat and veg for dinner and then salad and soup for lunch.  I stick to a protein shake for brekkie with a banana.  I take cashew nuts and protein bars to snack on if I get a bit peckish in the day and then the obligatory pint of beer after a full day exercise :) it is amazing how this spurs you on throughout the last class just picturing it like a carrot being dangled in front of your eyes teasing you….you get the gist haha!  

Anyway, in the end I had a fantastic time and surprisingly whilst I did take it a lot easier than normal on the number and style of classes, I did have the privilege of helping one of the instructors on stage in a Rave class and I know for a fact a couple of years ago I would never have had the confidence to do that in front of 100 odd people so losing weight and getting fit is definitely a big factor in this.  It was also lovely to catch up with the 2 watermelons aka Jo P and Char bird and spent a fair bit of time with them at the bar in the evening…I would say we were drinking sparkling water but I’d been lying.  So much for taking it easy too!!!!!

So having spent the weekend exercising and “socialising” I felt a lot more human and back to being me again and prepped meals for start of week and took a chicken salad to work for lunch Monday only to remember as I got to work it was Meat Free Monday doh!! I had to leave this for Tuesday and instead bought a omelette and salad at local cafe/deli bar.


I need to mention that Chris signed up for the Men’s Only Elite Bootcamp and so this made it easier to cook meals for both of us but I do have to say that whilst Chris has been extremely good following the plan he has been an absolute nightmare to live with, I think the last time he went without coffee was in 1989 and if there was a medal for moaning he would be in line for it.  This has been the longest week of my life and so girls if your other halves are doing the plan I wish you all the luck in the world.  I am certain his results will be great, I can already see the change in his complexion and his abs look pretty damn good for a 43 year old but I can’t wait for him to drink his coffee again so I can have a moment peace.  He did make me laugh though as he text me the other day and asked me to call him “titanic” as he believes that he has as much water in him as the ship…..I did suggest he never give up his day job for comedy! However, all joking aside I am so impressed with his results in 7 day! Plus Jo and Fern are also over the moon!!!!!

chris abs.jpg

Check them bad boys out! Chris is also chuffed with his results from his hard work. So ladies, get your other halves on MCL ELITE Bootcamp for Men, you won't be disappointed!

OK, so this week after my faux pas on meat free Monday I made myself for dinner the courgette pasta with chilli, garlic, tomato and onion and have to say it was so delicious that I am going to be making this little baby every Monday from now on.

On Wednesday I headed to Paris with a work colleague and 8 clients.  I knew it would be very difficult to eat clean but I did my best.  I had a lovely French onion soup followed by a beef style casserole washed down with a copious amount of white wine, red wine and lager, oh and I tried a snail which was absolutely hideous so the only way I could swallow it was with a massive gulp of wine….apparently it is protein, an experience I will not repeat.  So essentially I ate clean and drank dirty…..

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 Thursday back to UK feeling slightly jaded after about 3 hours of sleep and another corporate event socialising with 150 clients but I managed to avoid the alcohol and stuck to sparkling water to rehydrate and snuck home around 8.30 for a good night sleep which was definitely needed.

Finally it is the weekend and it is Chris cheat day today so he has had coffee :) and I have had a cinnamon Danish.

We will both be Clean and lean for rest of the weekend and I am hoping to be back on track for most of this week and back at the gym a few times as well as the Pilates workouts to start to build up my strength in preparation for joining the Elite Bootcamp week of 18th.  

Despite my diary starting to get chocker with work commitments for the festivities I have a ball to attend beginning of December and want to feel good in my dress and in myself and I am keen to keep the balance where I can.  

I hope I will some of my new MCL friends in the group with me as it is always good to have encouragement and banter to keep the focus.  I am also very excited to see results of this weeks first week as it sounds like we will be treated mean to keep us lean…..

Have a good few weeks MCL family

T xxx