City Blog by Tracey Harding - What a week!

I have probably been blogging for the last 6 months or so every other week and today I have decided that rather than give you an update of my last 2 weeks I will concentrate on the last week.  I have to confess the week before last I did eat pretty well but I also drank quite a lot and had my niece to stay so when I took her to the cinema I helped her out with some pick n mix and also some Ben N Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice-cream… basically it was a bit of a Craig Revel Horwood i.e. a  “DisARster dahlings”  

I already knew I was signing up for this weeks MCL Bootcamp Elite and as a few us (yes you know who you are) always do the weekend before a detox, we cram as much wine and choccie and bad things in which essentially makes the toxin comedown (as I affectionately refer to it) that little bit worse….Madness, but we still do it ha!

Anyway, this week has been fantastic, I have loved every second of the group and have found it extremely easy to follow, albeit the workouts are definitely upped a few notches but it is great to try new things, particularly TABATA and RUSH Training. I do enjoy the gym and stupidly attended a TABATA class Tuesday morning before work and by the end of the day and all through Wednesday I was seriously struggling to move. My butt and thighs were killing me so it must be doing something, right?? Stairs and Elevators on the tube were so not my friend last week…usually I would run up them (I say run, I would walk up rather than join the queue of those along for the ride).

tracey in vest.jpg

The group support has been fun and I have to say very positive, all 4 of the bloggers have been involved this week so that has been great and some old skool favourites have joined in as well as some new faces too….I also feel a little bit better that I am not the only one with a sore backside this week haha….

The cookbook definitely came into it’s own this week, however, my bean casserole didn’t turn out very well Monday but I managed to revive it with a bit of Quorn sausage and Paprika to give it a kick, ( I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter so that probably was why my original attempt faltered) the prawn and fish curry is absolutely scrumptious. I also made the Cottage Pie with sweet potato and cauliflower topping.

curry (2) - Copy.jpg
cottage pie.jpg

As well as the 7 day plan you get an Elite workout vest and we were all wearing with pride.  Results day Monday and I reckon there are going to be some amazing results.  I URGE all MCL fans old and new to try this plan as they will not be disappointed, in fact a few us girlies are going to continue with the plan as it is nearly time for the LBD and no doubt there are work do’s, parties and generally lots of festivities for all over the next few weeks…..


This is a fleeting visit this week, as my life has been taken over by audits/appraisals at work and so reluctantly whilst I would love to waffle on for a few pages more, I have to get back to it, woe is me.  The good news is that I do not have a hangover and am feeling energised and focussed and so I will smash it in time to sit down and watch Strictly in a few hours knowing that this week has not been a DisARster dahilings……


Good luck tomorrow girls with the results, can’t wait…..


Until next time, I aim to eat clean and train mean……fingers crossed, it is good news tomorrow to spur me on for another week whoop whoop


T xxx