Bootcamp by Charlotte Carlton

So it's back to the bootcamp!

Lance corporal Jo Parry telling me to get down and do 20 press ups after 2 workouts and a day of working! Well you can only imagine what I was shouting at my’s definitely not to be written for all eyes to see that's for sure!

Due to personal reasons I was unable to complete the last bootcamp which is the reason as to why I am back on it now and on the countdown to the gorgeous Miss. Parry’s wedding! After over indulging in foods that are no good for my body plus no exercise these past 2 days have really been a kick up the backside.

The past week has been a very hard week emotionally and physically and eating rubbish made me even worse. My mood swings were so sporadic. One minute I was happy, the next minute I looked like I had been slapped round the face with a wet fish and then back to normal. It was just up and down for around eight days & I do believe it was to do with not eating clean or exercising. I felt very lethargic and lazy, not energised at all. I didn't want to exercise as I was so bloated and felt extremely heavy..... BUT there's no room around here for negativity, and it was back to getting my head in the bootcamp game. Joining me on MCL ELITE were my fellow bloggers Jo Telfer, Tracey Harding and recipe guru Evie Brogan, with Fern and Jo still leading the way and giving the orders. It's ok girls you can only hide behind a Facebook page for so long with your bootcamp orders- joking ;)

char 1.jpeg

The food plan is very different to the other detox programmes  so it is changing and evolving all the time, so if you think you will just be repeating what you have done in the 21 day detox or 10 day detox then your thinking wrong! It really is surprising as to what the food plan contains and I'm enjoying it each day more and more.

Also the exercises are much more challenging and intense. I thought I was fit but this week so far has really tested my fitness levels! I have even posted a picture along with this to show you how I was after the 1st day of exercises!

char 2.jpeg

It was also great to have a cheat at the German market in Leeds at the weekend with Jo and then we met with fellow bootcamp blogger Jo Telfer for a friends birthday and it was fab to have a drink and catch up :)

char 3.jpeg

So now Lance Corporal Parry and Sergeant Fern Whittaker hang there bootcamp boots up Sunday, anyone still looking for that figure change to get into that little black dress for your Christmas Party then check out the 12 day Christmas rejuvenator. I have friends who are currently finishing there last day and have seen 10lbs weight losses and around 20 inches and can feel a real difference in there fitness, even when just walking to work!

Well that's it from me , bed early to be up for more barking orders ;) from Parry herself and put my body through more pain!

Have a great week and hope to hear some more great success stories about the final week of Bootcamp & the rejuvenator!

Char :)