Not a tip, not clean eating, but OMG what a cake!

This week guys I'm not doing a tip, instead I'm going to share with you the most impressive thing to ever come out of my kitchen; it was my friends' 3 foot wedding cake. I wasn't too sure if I should share it since we're supposed to be all clean living and that but you know what, sometimes it’s just nice to take a break from the norm and do something completely different and that’s what I did with this cake. I'd never made a wedding cake before but I wanted to make one for my friends. What better present is there than a homemade present and for someone's wedding what a lovely gift to give. So I got a notion I was gonna make it and I did…

I'd be lying if I said it was easy, I'd be lying if I said I didn’t feel sick from the amount of chocolate I ate as I was doing it, I’d also be lying if I said I wasn't up until  2.30 am  the night before the wedding painting edible lustre dust on hand made roses, and shouted “Yes I know what &uc*ing time it is” at my poor supportive partner when I was asked “Evie are you coming to bed we've to get up early.” Although I say I will never make another one as it really was difficult and stressful but all the stress and the two and a half, more like three days it took to make it was all worth it when I saw the look on my friends’ faces when the cake was revealed. Looking back I'm so proud that I actually pulled it off and it was so worth it to give it as my wedding present. Beats a John Lewis voucher any day!!!!

So how did I construct this 3 ft chocolate beauty… Well the simple answer is with 22 large bars of chocolate, 3 kgs of moulding chocolate, 4 pints of cream, a serious amount of sugar and flour, butter lots and lots of butter, cake rounds, support sticks, a cone of cardboard and Julia Blair's pasta machine… Oh and my iPad with the genius Paul Bradford ( taking me through every step of the way!

So I made 9 basic chocolate sponge cakes: 3 x 10 inch, 3 x 8 inch and 3 x 6 inch. I then stacked each group on top of a round cake stand of the same size and stuck them together with chocolate ganache. I then placed the stacked cakes on top of each other and placed support sticks (like big chop sticks) in so that they'd have something to stand on. I stuck loads of those bad boys in, Christ imagine it falling over before the wedding reception. Then I made a small cone out of cardboard and put it on the top. I then cut down the side of the cakes and made it into a cone shape. I of course ate the bits of cake I'd cut off, I had them mashed up school dinner style with M&S luxury custard - mmmmmm well if you're gonna have a cheat make it count right gang!!! Once I had my cone I covered it in more chocolate ganache and put it to sleep overnight in the fridge - 8 hours work right there.

Next day I was ready to wrap the cake, now this is where the fun starts. Anyone know what happens when your hands go near white chocolate? Yep it melts, so I had to keep running my hands under the cold tap. So then I got my moulding chocolate and put it through the pasta machine, so I had long lasagne type sheets. I used these sheets to wrap around the cake and did it in such a way that the bottom was stuck firmly on to the cake and the top was kind of folding over itself. I covered the whole cake like that. I also stuck on 43 hand handmade roses, 4 cherubs and 3 white chocolate moulded roses - the last two I made with moulds. I used edible glitter and lustre dust to set the cake off. And then again the cake spent the night in the fridge. 

Morning of the wedding 6 am - up to finish it. I placed the cake on a 12 inch round and covered the base with white chocolate ganache, I then made a number of white chocolate balls and covered them in lustre and placed them at the bottom of the cake. With the final touch being a ribbon round the edge of the cake and a sparkly initial in the top the job was done…

I had to put the roof down on the car to transport it to the hotel, as it wouldn't fit on my lap otherwise. That was fun driving through Edinburgh in the rain with my spray tan getting spotty and my hair frizzy! But that was all forgotten when I actually looked at it and thought “I did that.”

So take that “I did that” theme and you do something, something you'd never normally do, whether that be a random act of kindness, attempt to walk, or run up a hill, read a book, do something new, life is for living, experience something new this week!. You'll be amazed at what you can do when you put your mind to it! Get me I've gone from 12 stone to 10 stone (back to 10.6 - whoops) but I never thought I could have done that but Fern & Jo and you guys have encouraged me and I did it after never sticking to a diet.

Humans are wonderful and clever creatures and we are only limited by our own thoughts!

Live long, strong and clean 
Evie xxxxx