Bikini Blogger Charlotte Carlton

YES BOSS" that's all I think when seeing all the promotion of MC&L Elite Bootcamp and that's what's going to shouted at us throughout the videos!

WELL I was right, almost, not quite that bad but when you are told to get down at the end of the video and do 20 press ups it does kill you off! So my 4th day of MC&L Elite and what a challenge the workouts are! They are tough but the feeling afterwards when you are sweating and have to lay on your back for 10 minutes is weirdly satisfying!


So the workouts are along the same lines as the 21 day detox program but a much higher intensity and also more strenuous! There is a much bigger range of movement added which seemed to really hit and work the individual body parts! Without giving too much away the food plan is also fantastic and touch wood as of yet I haven't felt hungry or exhausted!

I highly recommend the 7 day short, sharp Elite program & I am looking forward to seeing everyone's results on Monday! If you want that quick hit with great motivation and support throughout a group then check it out!

watermelons 1.jpeg

So last weekend took me back to the same event with Jo, where I had first started the detox and it really hit home as to how much weight I had lost & how my lifestyle had changed. I didn't want an alcoholic drink every two seconds on an evening, I was much fitter and more active throughout the day and just wanted to consume water throughout my exercising period!

watermelons 3.jpeg

My self and 4 presenters one being Miss Parry were dressed as watermelons for dirty dancing theme night! The hilarious thing is we could only get size 14 onesies and ended up padding then out with pillows, last year I wouldn't have had to do that! It just gave us license to be NUTS and we were, dancing, spinning, sliding, laughing, jumping, you name it we did it! Loved it!

The girls are also running a 12 days of Christmas rejuvenator detox plan starting Monday alongside the 7 day Elite Bootcamp, so there is something for everyone, NO EXCUSES! I sound like I should be on Bootcamp now!


Have a great week endl

Love Char :)