Bikini Blog by Charlotte Carlton

"Here comes the bride all dressed in white... well ivory" 

So the big day came for MC&L's very own Jo Parry, and what a spectacular day and evening it was. Jo was a real asset to MC&L that day, eating clean and working out really pays off as she looked incredible and beautiful in her wedding dress. MC&L’s other Director Fern Whittaker and I caught up plus my ‘twinnie and I’ grabbed a quick pic with the bride.

fern and char.jpg
jo char and bec.jpg

It was a spectacular day from start to finish. It was great to relax and enjoy drink and food before it was back on it for the run up to the festive period eating clean and working out. 

Well it was that time of the week again that we all look forward to FRIDAY... But it was just really a chill weekend for myself as I have just bought my first ever home....YIPEEEE so it's all about saving money which again MC&L is fantastic for as for a start the workouts can be carried out in your own living room which is perfect, no gym membership required :)


:)! So back to my weekend! On Saturday my partner and I decided to go Ice Skating as he plays ice hockey and I am always up for a challenge! Plus, last week Lee signed up to the gym and decided to start eating clean. I was initially shocked but more so thrilled for him and as he was sat waiting for me after ice skating I gave him the MC&L recipe book to look through, and it's safe to say sweet potato chips has been made every night since, with chicken or steak! 

lees dinner.jpg

He was looking at curries and pasta's too as he loves them and MC&L give the option of real food with cleanness and taste all on one plate. So whether your a young adult, wife , husband , child whatever , whoever , I really believe that the MC&L book is an ideal Christmas present . I know Mum and I use the book regularly and for £12.99 there are so many different recipes you would never get bored of. To purchase or read about the ebook please visit, it really is a perfect Christmas gift.


So as the girls are completing there final detox programme of 2013 this week, I am very excited to see the new and exciting opportunities they are bringing to NEW and existing members, watch this space!

Well enjoy the festive periods and no doubt MC&L have made you all feel amazing in your Little Black Dresses for your Christmas do's. So have a glass of bubbly over the festive period and some Christmas pudding and remember January 1st 2014 back on it. For me after NYE I know I will be focused on eating clean as will Lee with the help of MC&L’s guru food specialist Evie brogan, as I know my scales may not be too happy on January 2nd!

Relax and enjoy this week and I will catch up with you all next week just before Christmas!

Love char x