'Mission Clean & Lean' your Christmas list

As I've written in my blog before, we are all on the road to MC&L nirvana, and we are all at different stages of that life journey. MC&L is a way of life; we're not just a 21 day detox plan (although what a plan that is!) Some of us have mastered getting the exercises in every day, some of us haven't done any exercise for a month, some of us know what foods are clean, others need to look almost everything up, sometimes we may lead the pack running on the road for months on end and others are to be found under a pile of crisp packets, biscuit crumbs and empty wine bottles having lost our way, but one thing we all agree with is that the love and support from all our lovely members has helped us along (I'm actually getting a bit emosh writing this).


So something else that might help you on your way is to have more MC&L friendly things around you. Let me explain. There are loads of things I know are 'clean' in the kitchen but I don’t have them, so I've put them on my Christmas list, I love to cook so I actually will get excited if Santa brings me coconut flour but I understand I'm a bit of a special case there (I did once get a griddle pan from an ex's mum for Christmas and my mates were like I can’t believe she bought you a pan and a cook book but I loved it!)  MANUKA HONEY is about £13 a jar so it is a luxury when Sainsbury's basics honey is £1. So when you get told, I'm not buying you honey for Christmas, you can say yes but this is not just any honey this is the cleanest of all the honey and I need it in my life! So let someone buy you this clean, sweet delicious honey that is a luxury but essential for the clean kitchen. AGAVE NECTAR is another thing I've put on my list, it’s a natural sweetener and next year I want to start blogging snacks and treats so I've got that on there - it’s a sugar substitute - HELLO!


The Beach Ready plan this summer taught us about the benefits of body brushing (improving circulation and reducing cellulite) so pop  A BODY BRUSH on your list too.  Mine is from the Body Shop but I'm sure you can get them from lots of places. Beach Ready also taught us that bathing in EPSON SALTS removes toxins from your body. They are £3.50 for 1 bath full or £10 for 3 baths from my health food shop so again a bit of a luxury and I've got them on my Christmas list. DEAD SEA SALTS are another good thing to have in your bath.  


So we've all worked hard at removing toxins from inside our body, so why then are some of us putting cream bought in the £1 shop on our bodies? Easy tip on this is for things that touch your skin the most, like shower gel, body cream, face cream etc buy organic where you can, other things eye shadow, shampoo etc do not touch your skin quite so much so you won’t be taking in toxins via your skin. I love Liz Earle skin care products; they are all responsibly sourced and have no nasties in so I've got that on my list as well as just ORGANIC BODY OIL. I've also said anything from NEIL'S YARD their products are all full of goodness. ORGANIC LAVENDER OIL is a great way of relaxing, pop a few drops on your wrists and temples and relax, I often use a few drops on my pillow at night to send me off into the land of nod.

CANDLES are another lovely item to get as a gift. When cheap candles made with manmade chemicals are burnt they send chemicals round your room, so rather than breathing those in, why not get some good quality candles on your list. Body Shop does soy candles for just £10 which are natural and delicious.

Most things you can get on Amazon so look something up and create yourself a wish list. If you're not familiar with Amazon wish list it’s a service where you log what you want other people to get you, then people just look your name and location up and they can see it. I do sometimes use Amazon but I hate the way they are dominating the global market I'd much rather buy local,  but it is great for putting exactly what you want out into the ether, so people who have no idea what to get you can get you something. This year on my Amazon list I have a professional SPATULA, I used one when I was at Michelin cook school and loved it, it’s so much better than a wooden spoon, it’s like £6 and I NEED it. I've got a few NUTRITION BOOKS on there too along with a new PROTEIN SHAKER.

Courgette pasta has been loved by our MC&L community so get a JULIENNE PEELER on your list too so you can make it. I'm going to start to do some Asian and raw food salads next year so you'll need one. They start at about £3 on line - perfect stocking filler. You might have rubbish KITCHEN KNIVES, so get some new ones so it’s not a chore to cut veg. I just have IKEA ones and they're really good.  

My absolute favourite thing in my kitchen is my wok/come-big-pan thing (or to give it its proper name Executive Stir-Fry Skillet) my sister bought for me, it was expensive but boy do I love it and use it all the time. Here is the link to it: http://www.pamperedchef.co.uk/ordering/prod_details.tpc?prodId=18670&catId=8&parentCatId=8&outletSubCat=   it’s just brilliant and you'll have no doubt seen it in many of my blog photos.  I will have it for years so even though it was £108 if I was to cost it out in pence per use over the 20 or so years I hope to have it, it will work out extremely worthwhile. I love cooking up a big chilli or fajitas and just serving it from the pan at the table. Because it has a lid and is made of good quality stuff, the food stays hot in it for ages. My other favourite kitchen helper is my CAST IRON GRIDDLE, guys get one, it will last forever and you've seen how amazing my tuna and beef steaks look with the griddle lines on. Just get one you won’t regret it. I also have Pampered Chef KITCHEN SCISSORS which are fab, I use them to cut meat and trim veggies. A zester or FINE GRATER is another thing we use in clean cooking a lot, for ginger, lemon, lime or orange zest, fresh nutmeg etc… it’s worth getting one. 

If you’re in need of some recipe inspiration to use all your new kitchen kit on, do check out our eBook ‘21 DAY DETOX: THE RECIPES’. We wrote it to accompany our 21 Day Detox plan but it will become a kitchen essential, it contains over 100 recipes, snacks and drink ideas, all sugar, wheat, gluten and dairy free.  It’s full of vibrant dishes made with fresh colourful ingredients including curries, fajitas, stir fries, courgetti and salads, wholesome soups and nutritious green tonics and smoothies. We teach you what snacks and drinks are best to keep energy levels up and cravings down and even have a chapter on mocktails, you know we love a little sparkle! It’s just £12.99 and an instant download to your PC, iPad or Kindle Fire. Just click here 


And yes I do write a Christmas list, I don’t want to have stuff I just pretend to use, I really try not to lie and in fact I hardly ever do, my friends who read my blog will vouch for that (yep I've actually said 'I'm not going tonight cos I'm so tired and I just can’t be ar5ed', I'm sorry I'm no company as opposed to ahhhggg crap I've had to work late. Although if I'd made a commitment and it was important my conscience would kick in and force me to go). So be direct guys, aim for what you want in life and go get it. A clean, lean, strong body is so within your reach it’s you that is making it happen, we here at MC&L HQ just give you the tools and support to do it! So this week’s homework guys, sit down and think about what you want to help you be healthier, NEW TRAINERS, GYM CLOTHES, iPOD, KETTLE BELL SET, YOGA MAT as well as kitchen and beauty products will help you get to MC&L nirvana far quicker than a Terry's Chocolate Orange. 

I'm so excited about the build up to Christmas.  I'm desperately trying to stay clean so I can really indulge on the day but I will be having loads of clean veggies to fill up on!

Jingle bells and ho ho ho!