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Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day…….Wizard has got that bit wrong, I am done, I am over it, I am ready to put away my Christmas jumper, hang up my stocking and stick the Christmas tree wear the sun don’t shine….now do not get me wrong I have had a lovely Christmas but if I see one more Quality Street or Mince Pie (I don’t even like mince pies) I am not going to be responsible for my actions…

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December in the City has been the usual round of drinks, functions, team parties, Christmas parties, broker client dinners and just general drinking…..

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To summarise:

Cigarettes 0

Gym Visits 11

Hangovers in work time 2 (not bad)

Visits to the Darts 1 (so much fun) and copious jugs of beer (lost count)

4 Christmas parties

2 team curries

Bottles of wine - far too many

Bottles of Laurent Perrier Rose - far too many

3 Jaeger shots (not bad, this is linked to hangover above)

1 Slippery Nipple (hideous)

Calories consumed - Don’t know, Don’t care it is Christmas…

Garners Pickled Onions - A lot

Brussels Sprouts - hmmm quite a few

Pounds put on……oh a few hey ho

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So, as Big Ben is about to sound us out for 2013 I am going to reflect on the last year for me and would like to say a big thanks to Jo and Fern and all the people I have had the pleasure of getting to know in groups. I have been a part of  2 x 21 day plans, Beach Body, Autumn Awakening and Elite Bootcamp this year as well as attending the e-book launch and meeting fellow bloggers and people who have given me encouragement and support on my MCL journey.  I do for the most part follow the MCL food plan and exercise regularly and so I know that whilst December has been a complete right off, come January I will be back at the gym (got a rotten Christmas cold and cough so can’t go at the moment) and joining another group to get me back on track.  To be honest with you, I am craving all things green and so I hope I will see a few of you joining me on the 21 day plan commencing 6th January.

I have already started to browse the e-book in preparation for some lovely meals and soups to make and no doubt our lovely Evie will continue to provide inspiration for us all with lots of new recipes too….I am even looking forward to the dreaded B word…..

If you are in need of some help getting back clean and focused?  The MCL Ladies have a 7 day MCL ELITE Bootcamp plan starting on the 1st January and if that is just too soon then they have on Monday 6th January their 21 Day Detox. All plans are for both men and women... NO EXCUSES! 


So I wish you all a very happy new year and hope its a clean and lean healthy one for us all…..see you on the other side in 2014

Take Care

City Blogger 2013 over and out