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Tis the season to be jolly tralalalala lalalala…..and December certainly has been so far for me….

I am SO glad that November is over for me, this year I had to endure 3 audits….but I am pleased to report that this went well despite being pretty stressed about it all, the feedback was positive and so I can finish the year on a high….

Anyway, enough about that, in my last blog I was just entering the result phase of 7 day Elite Bootcamp. Everyone in the group of 18th November should be proud of their efforts, I would not have done it without you all, lots of positivity and fantastic results. I am no statistician but from looking at the results the average weight loss was around 4-5lbs and inches wise the same. I  have to say that I lost 5.5lbs and just under 4 inches and I now am the lightest I have been since I was 27 years (that is 16 years ago) old.   I will stress that I am more happy with how I look today than back then (albeit prefer less wrinkles and not suffer 2 day hangovers).

I believe that we worry too much what the scales say every day rather than how we look in clothes, or how toned and defined we are and how our skin and hair look and feel. I know that when I don’t eat well and drink too much I feel bloated and lethargic but when I am eating well and drinking lots of water and exercising I feel great and sleep better too. 

I was hoping to carry on with the bootcamp for another week but I have to say despite all the best intentions I had some very sad news about a good client of mine and just lost my way for a little while, it makes you appreciate everything you have though and that we need to look after ourselves, but above all enjoy ourselves too, life is short, grab it by the curlies…

So, whilst our very own Jo Parry was off getting hitched to her lovely Matt, (congratulations lovely lady I wish you all the happiness you deserve) I headed off for a relaxing spa weekend to Cornwall with Chris, it was just what I needed after a stressful month, the weather was lovely, had a few treatments to de-stress and had a few treats too, whilst I didn't exercise as such, I did a few walks along the beach so not all bad.  

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The Spa weekend was perfect timing for me as December is a very busy month for socializing in the City, to be honest by the time Christmas comes, I am all partied out. Last week I had an Awards Dinner on Tuesday night followed by a Cocktail party Thursday (champagne and Mojitos my fave!!) and the Mistletoe Ball at The Dorchester.  This event signifies the start of Christmas to me and this year I was not disappointed.  I also get the pleasure of attending with my partner as my plus 1 so it is a very glam affair and some of the other guests I only see at this event once a year so it was great to hear one of them say to me “blimey Tracey, you have lost a stack” .This made me laugh and I got the opportunity to “advertise the MCL mantra to a new range of clientele I hope” .Such a great feeling that despite having had a hectic week of socialising a comment like that gives you that little bit of support and a reminder of how I have come a long way in the last year and that although I will probably lose a little bit of focus over the next few weeks and indulge a little bit too much, I will try to eat clean when I can in between the merriment.    I am human after all :)

Between now and Christmas I think I only have 3 days where I am not out with clients, events or birthdays (I had my mums 65th yesterday, Chris is 23rd Dec and my dad is the 4th Jan, very expensive and social time for me as well as Christmas fun) and so the aim is to fast when I can, try and eat clean for some of this, and try to keep booze to a minimum……if you believe that then you may also believe Rudolph and Santa will be visiting Christmas eve……oh and I'm the fairy on the Christmas tree!!!

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So for those who can still fit in the 12 day plan before they need to wear their LBD I urge you to do it , for me, I will be trying to maintain knowing that this time last year, I had started an amazing journey, one that I will continue, but it’s Christmas and a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do……as long as I drink the 3 litres of water (minimum), exercise (most days, best way to sweat out the booze), fast 1-2 per week and eat as clean as possible then hopefully by the time the festivities are over, I will be ready to join another group to start the new year as I mean to go on….oh and I reckon the MCL e-book will be a good Christmas pressie for the family too...


Enjoy until next time, the City Blogger is off for a little fizz…..I am celebrating being the lightest for 17 years and end of audit season……that’s my excuse anyway


T xxx