Charlotte's Story, one year on

'£49!' I thought to myself on Monday 5th March 2012, the day I took on the challenge! It was all very daunting for me thinking about the hard task of stepping on the scales, taking photos and starting to eat GREEN FOOD and cut down alcohol! That is the day my life literally changed, let me tell you all a bit about it!

Charlotte before & after.jpg

My name is Charlotte Carlton I am 20 years old and now a fitness fanatic! My full time job is a finance and mortgage advisor hence why I was worried about the £49! I live in a small village on the outskirts of Leeds, I am a typical "young adult" who lives at home with my parents and also my twin sister Rebecca who is currently away at uni. This time last year I thought I was of good weight, health and appearance, well we all know what thought does! So I took the plunge and signed up and that night I went home, jumped straight on the scales and into my bikini, mum took my photos and crack the screen smashed (only joking) but when I looked at my photo I was disgusted at what I was looking at oh and that Mount Everest had taken over my face! I knew I needed to make a change! I was adamant I didn't look like that and soon realised I had to face up to the fact I was overweight and my body swallowed up my bikini! I was lucky enough to have my mum doing the detox with me also as I couldn't cook at the time! So thank you mum!

My first week was a dramatic weight loss of 12 lbs, I had to go on the scales four times to believe it! I lost 18 inches in total; I started out at a size 14 bottoms and size 12/14 top I am now a size 6/8 top and 10 bottoms! After seeing my first week's results I was so driven for the next 14 days ahead of me!

My first challenge was one Saturday going into town with the girls for a friend's birthday, I couldn't believe it when I put my trousers on and they looked like clown pants! I am known for being a party animal when I'm out especially when I have had a drink, there is no getting me off the dance floor! So off I went in the car and met the girls! It was tap water for the night ahead but surprisingly I was still the same person still thinking I was Michael Jackson on the dance floor! The girls kept saying you can have one of these or you can have a shot , but I was determined not to crack under the pressure.

The second Monday arrived, day 14 in the detox house and another 5 lbs dropped off me and another 10 inches. I felt this was the new Charlotte! The second week flew by and it was D day, the 21 days had finished I was 1 stone 8 lbs lighter than day 1 and had lost 38 inches in total! I caught the detox bug and carried on with the progress plan, after another 14 days I was 2 stone 4 lbs lighter & the inches were still dropping off me!

I seemed to also become a much happier positive person to be around and was feeling better inside and especially outside, my skin had cleared up and I just felt fresh! The comments and the compliments just kept coming and they drove me to today's success. It has been exactly a year from me starting the detox to posting this blog! I personally know how hard it is for girls my age to lose weight and still have an active social life and after trying everything MC&L is THE thing that can make that difference!

I am writing this blog every two weeks as I am hitting the White Island of IBIZA for my 21st with the girls in June and I know I won't be out of a bikini day or night on that party island! I hope you can follow me on my holiday countdown, especially if you've got one booked, we can get beach ready together! Good luck If you take the plunge and I hope to chat again to you all soon!