Demanding job, two small children, dream wedding to plan... what could possibly go wrong?!


Just like you… possibly?

Fiancé: "It's a boy, Jo"
Midwife: "No Sir that's the umbilical cord, it’s definitely a girl!"
Fiancé: "Thank God, we can stop now if you want babe. You can stop being my baby vessel and get back to being you!"

My conversation with my fiancé last June after our second baby arrived into the world. After being stitched back up I started to try and remember what being me felt like…

All I can really remember is feeling like an oversized puffed up beach whale with ridiculously huge ankles for the last two years. Back to back pregnancies had destroyed the body that I used to enjoy showing off in tight fitting clothes. Being a full time Mum of a seven month old and going back to my demanding 80-100 hour a week job whilst heavily pregnant had really finished my body off completely. I had no time to cook or to exercise, never mind attempt the gym, so I lived off convenience food and practically no sleep. Have I conjured up a beautiful picture folks? I was at my best - NOT!

 I knew that my journey back to 'being me' was going to bloody hard work, in fact that's not true; a gruelling slog. Not just shifting over six stone of excess blubber but doing it with two babies under one, having my best friend’s wedding looming over me (sorry I mean pending, but really - a bridesmaid dress to fit into in just a few months… EEEK) and my own wedding… do I really have to think about wedding dress shopping right now? No thanks, let’s just forget about that. Right on queue: baby crying, I really can forget about that for now…

Six Months later = December 2012

Best friend: "Jo, great news, I’m pregnant so we're postponing our wedding till late next year so you'll have more time to get your figure back and I’ll have the chance to get mine back too after the baby’s arrived!"

"Wahoooooooo!" My honest reaction for both sets of news. She started to ask questions about my wedding - as always I changed the subject!

I may have lost 4 1/2 stone but this last stone and a half is killing me. I can’t train any more than I do already and I’m eating healthily. It's still coming off slowly but I can't tell you how bored I am doing what I’m doing. What do I do next???

I asked this of myself, my fiancé, my family and my five closest friends. Then someone mentioned Mission Clean & Lean.

I listened to the “he said, she said” story as you do with 'diets' and put it to the back of mind. One of my friends didn't, she decided to dip her toe in to the water, find out more and join the ‘Mission Clean & Lean 12 Days of Christmas Rejuvenator. Now generally she's not over enthusiastic about anything, even a 90% off sale at Harvey Nics only just musters a tweak at the corners of her lips but Mission Clean & Lean is all she talked about! I didn't need to do my own research, this was enough!

That afternoon I searched for MC&L on Facebook and started to ask the ladies how I could join, cost etc. I was enrolled within a day or so. So I started mid-January on a 21 Day Detox and exercise plan. Although the group was full of energy and excitement I was a little scared, I had two babies who demanded so much of my time, I had so little energy and I needed food otherwise I would simply pass out!

I joined Mission Clean & Lean just over a month ago . In that time my best friend’s husband has died, both my children have had chicken pox, viruses, flu, the works, all of which mean I have lived off limited sleep through different kinds of stress or worry. Have I managed to stay clean and lean? Would you be as surprised as me and my family if I shouted from the rafters “of course I have!” 
I love it and I’m hooked!  

Here are some pics to show you what changes my poor body has been put through these past two years!