"Is celebrating your 32nd birthday for 3 weeks indulgent?" asks our blogger Jo T

Fern:  "Jo, how does the 23rd April sound? Can you get a sitter? If you bring your dress and yourself you can leave the rest to us!"

Jo: "Count me in, no problem, I'll sort it, I'll also bring decent underwear and a bikini for the snaps!"

O Lordie Lord what have I been up to in March? And more importantly set myself up for in April? Well if you're anything like me March has come and gone with the blink of an eye.

Mother’s Day came and went. Well in my opinion it should have been called Second Father’s Day in our house as Dave was skiing for four days and left me with two teething children, it was just delightful. Not! The only thing I managed to do for myself was shower and my daily MC&L exercises and even for those few precious minutes I’d have loved to have called my own my eldest decided he had to do both tasks with me, so joined me in the shower and promptly afterwards laid next to me in the lounge whilst I was 'mid press up' doing what I can only describe as a 'slug like movement' next to me. I struggled to concentrate and complete the 50 seconds as I was creased with laughter. Especially as hopping on one leg backwards and forwards was a new jumping competition for him and the bear crawls - well have you tried to do those with a 21 month old crawling underneath you? Surely avoiding him and holding my position in some weird and wonderful 'twister stance' must be working my abs and arms harder?

March is my birthday month and I’ve been a little indulgent but not gone crazy, is celebrating your 32nd birthday for 3 weeks indulgent? I don't think so... :0)

So it started with a night out with my friends in the local village - I have to learn 9 and quickly) that as my body is a lot 'cleaner' than what it was when I was when I was 25 I really can't drink as much as I use to. Jo and Fern warned me and I probably only drank half of what I would do normally but let’s just say my tummy had a harder work out from 2am-5am than what it did later that day from my exercises! Enough said me thinks!

After recovering from slight alcohol poisoning we went to Shropshire and stayed in a beautiful log cabin with our friends from Essex for 4 days. We literally saw every weather possible, watching England lose the rugby to Wales was a real low when you're in Wales but I’d been wise and saved my cheat meal for that night and strawberries in prosecco whilst chilling in the hot tub was pure bliss! Ok so it wasn't a cheat meal but no carbs can be replaced with grapes in my opinion and those sparkling white grapes hit the spot beautifully!

Week 2, my actual birthday was celebrated in my favourite Italian restaurant, San Angelos in Baildon, with my fiancé. The food is exscuiste and they're use to my MC&L way of life so are really accommodating. They no longer look puzzled when I turn creamy potatoes down and simply serve me steak, stacks of green veg and a tiny portion of mashed sweet potato - Delicious! I felt very brave that night and wore a very loud dress which hides nothing and I mean nothing! It fits where it touches and I felt great!

Good Friday was the end of my celebrations but I did it in style, overnight spa with my closest school friends and I didn't stress about holding my tummy in cos I didn't need to :0). I'm not at bikini stage yet but not far off. Only 9lbs to go and a few inches to pre baby weight but they really are the hardest. These next couple of months are going to be tough!

This week, although I’ve finished my birthday celebrations :0( it’s been a great great week. Friends are really seeing the difference in my body and personality. I’m getting back to my bubbly sociable self and a couple of them have decided to stop messing about with crazy fad diets and joined MC&L this week as they love what it's doing for me. And to top my week off of feeling slim and happy… I’m so so giddy, I’ve been speaking to my amazing wedding planner in Croatia and by next week I should have the date confirmed when I’ll become Mrs Hemming and share the same name as everyone else in my household!!!

Which leads me nicely on to the 23rd April - My dress still doesn't fit aaargggghhhhhhhhhh and I’m involved in MC&L's photo shoot in my bikini as well as my dress that doesn't quite fasten. Nervous is not the word I would choose to use but the word that keeps slipping out of my mouth at the moment is far far far too bad to publish!

april 10th blog.jpg

So, Wish me luck and keep your eyes peeled in the newspapers for MC&L, we're going global!

Have a great few weeks