Charlotte's Ibiza warm up starts here ...

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Well week 3 is here already, these past two weeks have flown by! In consideration with my previous blogs I haven't been half as busy, but I have still been doing the main thing in my life: socialising oh and also bleeding my bank balance dry! Two weekends ago was my first weekend at home in six weeks! I promised myself I would be staying in the Friday night but when my best friend is home that usually doesn't last long so we decided to hit the bars in Xscape and had a fantastic time! Taneisha is also joining me on the White Isle this summer so we decided to warm up... granted two months early, but we NEED to be prepared! "Do da la do do do, Do da la do do do" 8am Saturday morning my alarm? I had forgotten that I had agreed to meet a friend of mine Stacey and do boot camp for the first time! I wondered how I was going to get through it but I knew Stacey was there to support me, she was one of my biggest supports throughout MC&L which I always thank her for! Stacey also took the plunge and did MC&L and I have to say she looks fantastic but the biggest thing was seeing the change in our fitness levels and how they have increased. We even managed to gossip the whole hour through without struggling for breath... BONUS! So thanks for taking me, same time next week ;)

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That evening I went out with the family for a lovely meal to our favourite restaurant where I had steak and roasted vegetables and a couple of slices of garlic bread as I knew I wasn't in anyone's company the next day so didn't worry about how I was going smell! So back to work (reluctantly) Monday, training hard in the gym and due to the light evenings I have decided to start running, which after not doing it has become a walk in the park! Tuesday night saw me at Nando's enjoying a lovely clean half chicken and salad! The best thing is if you are looking to do the detox this place targets my age group so you are still able to go out and socialise whilst eating clean at no doubt your fave restaurant! The weekend just gone has been a fantastic weekend drinking, eating, partying & relaxing! It was my best friends 21st and I forgot I had to get in my bikini earlier than I thought, but my confidence in my bikini for the first time ever was fantastic! My old school friends who I haven't seen for a long time commented on how fab I looked and I'm so proud to talk about my achievement and how MC&L helped me to achieve it! So back to Mal Maison to consume plenty of champagne then to her house for a big party with family and friends with the Agraah catering in-house and unlimited alcoholic bar... as you’re probably thinking, this spelt out disaster in itself! The following morning was rather comical as we went down for breakfast at Mal Maison or should I say dragged my feet there! I sat down and demolished a sausage muffin and I was laughing to myself as I was sat with my MC&L hoodie on at the time, which on that note thanks girls for the hoodie never out of it! Monday morning came and I was rather apprehensive about getting on the scales... 9 stone!! No weight gained as I had done my exercises every day over the weekend! Another bonus! So all in all an incredibly fun relaxing weekend!

So to finish off, since my last blog I have had rather a lot of messages asking how I have lost my weight! So many people have replied to me with "21 days? That's so long" and like I said last week asking how I had time! Well the girls have started a weekly 7 day Spring Clean detox throughout April where there has still been fantastic weight losses and fitness increases, and for the hardcore people (which is actually a walk in the park) the next 21 day detox is Monday 6th May! Anybody considering taking the plunge consider it done! Don't sit and ponder on it, read the testimonials on the website, mine and Jo T's blogs and see how many lives have been changed for the better, and yours could too! That one click to sign up will change your way of thinking (positively), your lifestyle, your food choices, your motivation, your fitness and the main thing your appearance! MC&L is an experience in itself and you will all become inspirations to your family and friends!

Look forward to chatting with you again soon or should I say at you (sorry)!
Enjoy the rest of your week! Bye for now!

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