Jo's feeling her age, but one's never too old for hot pants!

Thank goodness April is nearly over, don't get me wrong it’s been a fab month so far for having fun, socialising with friends and spending quality time with the family (fab day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster - a must for all families) but boy it’s been a month of me feeling my age. If I get invited to another birthday party that isn't celebrating an age over my own I’m refusing to go point blank!

april 25th 1.jpg

I use to be part of the young trendy group and now I feel like I’m being pulled towards the older more sophisticated group. In fact I’m just about with them but something’s holding me back from being a fully-fledged member and it's not chewing gum stuck to the sole of my shoe... Reluctance to grow old me thinks, as I much prefer the life of a female Peter Pan. If only I could fly... HMMM, for my next trick...

...Anyway, it makes me sad and relieved in the same breath. I so miss the partying til 6am and wearing bigger pants than my hot pants and the fluorescent glow make-up but I can so live without the overwhelming sickness feeling cos you just can't survive on 10 hours sleep after a week partying in Ibiza! I'm sure Charlotte can't wait for June to arrive and her sleep deprivation to follow!

Talking of hot pants - I bought some this week for my holidays (we fly to Portugal tomorrow) and I cannot wait to lounge in the sun and drift in and out of sleep all day. Don't get me wrong I adore my babies but time on my own with Dave is priceless and I thank our parents for enjoying their time with the little ones so we can go and relax together and wear my HOT PANTS in the evening. I never ever thought I’d be able to wear such delightful little things again without having to wrap cling film round my waist and thighs first to squeeze in to them but I can, and I will be wearing them with pride in a couple of days’ time :0)

april 25th 4.jpg

As I’ve eluded to, the last couple of weeks have been heavy on the partying side, celebrating our friends’ daughters 21st and my best friend’s fellas 30th as well as her birthday celebrations in Anthony's Piazza for a MC&L Brunch - hmmm yummy. Thank goodness for Dave and his 38th birthday last week to make me feel young again ;0). So, yes I have had a drink, however, the one thing I love about MC&L is that you can have a life as well as change your life for the better. I know, I know, this sounds a bit backwards as MC&L doesn’t promote alcohol, however, we're all human and if I didn't have a drink now and again I think I’d be sporting a strait jacket somewhere as life's so fast you need a release. And although exercise is my biggest stress release a couple of vodkas and proseccos help along the way. Dancing also helps and I danced and danced at Matt's birthday and proved that I can still party until the 'wee hours', maybe not a hardcore 6am but a respectable 2am :0) I find that staying MC&L 95% of my week and having a cheat drink rather than cheat meal on occasions still means I can lose size or weight each week. Even if it’s slight it’s still off and I have got a wedding dress to get in to... eek.

Which leads me nicely on to last night. What an amazing night with the best girlies. It was the long awaited and feared photo shoot. (If you want a sneaky peek then check out a couple of cheeky shots on the website)


I need to remind you that Jo and Fern are online mentors and I’ve achieved so much from their on-going support already. I'm on my final stretch which when you've lost as much as I have it's tough, some of you will be there now or have been in the past, so to finally meet the ladies who have helped change my life and get my confidence back was just the best. My nerves disappeared as I felt like I’d know them forever and the photo shoot was a blast. Getting in my bridal underwear and bearing all was no longer such a big deal. I'm not where I want to be but I’m such a long way forward from where I was and having my best friend there to support me was the icing on the cake (thank you Nicky)  

I also met our fellow blogger Charlotte and she is an absolute scream. If you haven't already, please check out her blog - what that girl has achieved in under a year is mind blowing. Yes, she's lost heaps of weight but by no means is she a skinny minnie, she's a slim, toned, strong woman and a further inspiration to me. I aspire to have a physique like Char's by the time I get married.

So, with that in mind, I'm back on the full 21 Day Detox starting 6th May. If you haven't signed up to join us then what are you waiting for? Bring out the bikini in Portugal is all I can say!

Have a fab fortnight and I’ll speak to you soon, sporting a glowing tan I hope!