Char on tour ... planes, trains and healthy meals!

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Well here I am again! I'm so excited to be here again and I passed my first week of blogging (YAYYY) with what I feel was great success. Thank you everyone for taking your time out to read about my MC&L journey and your fantastic feedback! The nicest thing to hear is that I have become an inspiration to many who are also wanting to lose weight, which is fantastic! Well 7 week countdown til I go to Turkey and need to get into that bikini and then 14 weeks til I hit the White Island of Ibiza and party day and night in (that dreaded word) bikini or so it used to be the dreaded word for me, not any more! Well what a manic couple of weeks it has been since my last blog! I am currently sat writing this on the Eurostar on my way home from Paris (eating a pain au chocolate) after a fantastic bank holiday break with the family! What a fantastic place with breathtaking sights! The best bit about it was I could enjoy myself all with the methods of MC&L incorporated! I was still able to enjoy lunch and dinner by eating fantastic fish, meat, freshly prepared salads, vegetables and soups along with plenty of water and fruit teas! I also enjoyed myself with breakfast having croissants and bread and wine one evening! It was an incredible (90% clean) weekend apart from when I ran onto the French tube and the doors shut behind me leaving my parents on the platform and as you're probably wondering yes I did shed a tear!

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So from one tower to another - BLACKPOOL! That was the weekend before last! I went to one of the largest international fitness events of the year with Jo so I knew I had to be on my best food/drink behaviour - only joking! But it is always great to have someone with you who also enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and eating clean along with a few treats! I managed to touch the top of both towers obviously due to being fit I ran to the top of both ;) Only teasing, I like to call it great technology! We had a fab weekend seeing old friends, international friends & meeting new friends! It was the best feeling when a participant approached me and asked me if I was the before and after girl, I laughed but I felt such a sense of achievement! All I advise is never travel with Jo as many of you may know she left the car in a locked car park with all our stuff in (partly my fault) but Jo soon went to the rescue the next day bless her so thanks Jo! My first stop after my first week of blogging was London Town to visit one of my best friends! I went from one extreme to another by having seriously delicious peanut butter fudge to drinking a detox drink which was blended with spinach, cabbage, broccoli, you name it it was all green foods! Amazing surprisingly! I also drank many a cocktail with the girls and the best thing was when I jumped on the scales I had only gained 1lb and after a clean eating Monday that was back off again! I also had a travelling disaster in London by going on the Megabus, all I have to say is don't do it and just pay for the train! So 3 different cities with 3 different travelling disasters, moral of the story never let me travel on my own! Coming off the point here, don't know if it was the same where you all were but... the snow??? It was rather bad in Leeds but I braved it and planked in the snow - not advised as it was seriously cold! So all in any weather conditions MC&L still proves to be within me!

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The biggest thing I am trying to say this week in my blog is that I have managed to eat clean, stay lean and have an amazing 3 weekends socialising so it can be done! The biggest thing people have said to me is "how did you have time?" It's not about time. The food you eat now and prepare you just replace with clean food and when you find yourself watching Coronation Street just think that's when you can do your 20 minute workouts - record Corrie and catch up on it later - SIMPLE! My excuse for not wanting to do it in the first place was 1) time and 2) socialising and these are just excuses! My 3 weekends have been focused on time and socialising I have achieved both of them and still being able to eat clean & stay lean! Only you can ever change they way you look!

Make that change if you want to, believe in yourself, believe you will get results, stay positive and the new you will change your life for the better as it did mine! Well I need to unpack now have a fab week and see you all on my next blog!