Turkey's sun, sea & sand is calling

Wednesday - I like to call this day, peak of the week.... Or in my case this week three more sleeps till I go away! YES you guessed it, time for some sun, sea, sand and a few cheeky cocktails ;)! The best feeling whilst packing is knowing I'm not going to be scared of wearing a bikini, I'm going to be proud that I can even fit into a size ten bikini! So when I'm running down the beach I will look like the blonde girl from Baywatch rather than one of the killer whales stranded on the beach wallowing its way back into the sea! And if I'm being honest it’s all thanks to MC&L that I won't look like one of them! I'm not going to sit here and say to you all I'm going to eat clean every day and drink water, because that would be lying! I am going to relax and enjoy a few drinks and desserts but I know my limit, and my bowels certainly do also! The bonus of this holiday is that it is a fitness event that Jo herself is actually presenting at and I am accompanying her so I know we will be hearing that dreaded bleeper for at least twenty minutes a day and also dancing and exercising on the lawn throughout the day so I'm über excited!

char cologne.jpeg

Anyway onto these past two weeks. It's safe to say I have done a lot of exercising, drinking, socialising and eating... Oh and getting burnt like a true Brit and we were only in Germany? But I went with Jo and our travelling girls Emma and Becky to stay with a very good friend of ours Sava and his partner and participate at his dance event in Cologne where Jo was instructing! Friday was rather bad as we as access to the VIP lounge and we were the typical 'make the most of what you pay for' customers and had rather a few alcoholic drinks and wrapped up many a dessert in napkins to take with us, we definitely had some funny looks! Most of the weekend was full of clean food but Happy Hour on the Saturday night with the cocktails did lead me astray but I burnt it all off in the nightclub afterwards! So Sunday it was, we had an amazing brunch outdoors where we spent the morning and some of the afternoon with lots of lovely fresh clean foods, water and a couple of croissants, then headed to the park to chill and before we knew it we were back at the airport to come home! It was a fantastic weekend! After all that I had put 2lbs on but I knew when I was to get back on track that would be gone, and it was by Wednesday!

char hot.jpeg

Many people have said to me 'why didn't you lose weight before when you were doing all the dancing you did?' And the weekend just proves it. I didn't manage to keep weight off even though I danced for four consecutive hours in a row; it's the amazing HIIT training that the girls create that produce the results as it hits the correct areas and burns the fat off much quicker and more of it! Which is unbelievable but is the truth! So the week just gone has been rather busy with work, I have a rather demanding job and I am busy pretty much all of the time! BUT that doesn't stop me! I always manage to fit in 20 minute HIIT workouts a day and still eat a clean healthy lunch! Five minutes out of your day is nothing to eat a good substantial meal and also the food ideas the girls give you manage to keep you full for the rest of your day. You can pile your plate high with good foods and also keep your brain running for the rest of the afternoon instead of making you tired, bloated and run down! So there's no excuse for having a demanding job, it CAN be done!

char 1.jpeg

Last weekend I headed to the races with my family and friends for the weekend! Friday night we watched the races, had chicken fajitas and a couple of ciders but to burn off the cider me and one of my best friends Jodie went running round the racecourse twice which worked out to be just over five miles! Now this time last year Jodie said she wouldn't have been able to do that, this year she flew round without stopping and for me to see the difference in her fitness is incredible! I will tell you a bit about Jodie! This is for anyone really who is interested in doing any of the detox programmes -  Jodie proves there are really no excuses! She has two children aged 2 and 4 so both still demand a lot of attention, she also has a very high powered, busy job which really does take over her life! Jodie managed to lose a stone in 21 days last year and then last week undertook the 7 day Spring Clean detox and lost just short of 9lbs, incredible results! Even with such a busy life Jodie could still manage to find time to do her workouts twice a day and prepare the family healthy meals, clean, wash, iron, work and she achieved fantastic results! After not seeing her for a while I could see the difference in her appearance, fitness, weight, skin and she’s much more energised! Jodie loved the 7 day plan and found it so easy to stick to, follow and most of all enjoyed it! So you can have an extremely busy work and home life and still manage to stick to MC&L! Keep checking out mission clean & lean on Facebook and @cleanleandetox on twitter for all the different plans! The last 7 day Spring Clean starts Monday, which I would highly recommend for that short quick weight loss which you can keep off and they have a new plan coming soon which will get you all ready for your summer holidays so keep a close eye on the social media pages and www.missioncleanlean.com!

Right anyway I need to go grab some food and carry on packing ready for the sunshine so it's hoscakal (goodbye in Turkish) from me and look forward to writing again in a couple of weeks!