From cleaning up baby sick to a stint on the catwalk!

How two weeks flies by, my mum always said that life whizzes past when you leave school and accelerates in to super speed when you have children and once again my mum was right! I quite like writing my blog as it makes me realise what I’ve achieved in 14 little days as well as being a full time mum and helping my fiancé run his business. I actually feel quite proud of myself today! So, as you know I’ve been back on the 21 Day Detox so I won’t keep you in suspense I shall share my results so far....

tape measure.jpg

Ta ta ta daaaaahhhhh. In two weeks I’ve shed 9 lb’s and 7 inches. Yes 7 pesky inches as well as those naughty holiday lb’s have all disappeared for good and to celebrate such amazing news I’ve been seen wearing  my size 10 white linen pants (they help let the sun know that it's officially time to shine.) The first time they've been able to fit over my thighs and fasten around my hips for a whole 2.5 years. To say that made my week is a blinking understatement.

I got cocky though and went for a try on of the dreaded skinny jeans and I can fasten them - I wouldn't wear them out of bathroom just yet though as I’m not keen on the muffin top look - yes you know what I mean. If you've not seen yourself on a picture sporting this delightful look and cringed we all know you've seen a fellow lady showcasing this look and thought “maybe I’d have chosen a different pair of jeans!” :0)


I'm not going to lie it's been tough this week! I’m still struggling so much with my sinuses that my head feels like it's going to pop so exercising when feeling dizzy isn't the best - I’ve had to pick my times wisely to make sure I haven't keeled over. On top of this a stomach bug dared to visit our house and strike us down. All but Dave of course, I’m sure he has a stomach made of iron! However, I’m chuffed with my results even if I did have to defect for one day due to doctors’ orders of consuming flat coke (I hate the stuff anyway so to have to drink it flat really irritated me!)

As well as being seen jumping about in my living room following my 20 minute daily MC&L exercises with my little man trying to copy me I’ve been busy busy busy planning our wedding. It's getting exciting and could get stressful if I Iet it but I shan't :0). So an amazing local wedding venue has been chosen. I'm thrilled with it, I’ll share more over coming weeks but it's just me all over. Catering has also been chosen, you can certainly tell I’m a Yorkshire lass through and through with my choices. I'm so excited by the food and for that day it won’t be MC&L it will be my cheat day – it’s official :0). I think I have the bridesmaid dresses sorted only a few more ladies to try theirs’ on. I don't want to jinx them so until I have the thumbs up from all 7 of my ladies I won’t say too much other than they're coral and I love them!

Amongst the wedding hype we've had a lovely couple of weekends seeing friends from different parts of the country and as I was sticking to MC&L rigidly I chose my favourite local Italian restaurant when my friends from Brighton came to visit and thoroughly enjoyed my steak with green veg, it was so delicious. They made me a MC&L tomato, garlic and mushroom sauce to smother it in. It's making me drool now just remembering it.

Last weekend we had friends for dinner so Master Chef Dave was in charge of the food and he threw together a real feast - prawns in garlic and chilli to start, followed by chicken and cashew nut and a cherry meringue suprise. So my cheat was the cherries and the cream - I was very pleased with myself for my cheat being so so good. Gold star given to myself!

ice cream.jpg

My two favourite events of the fortnight though have been modelling for a number of child cancer charities for The Secret Garden Fashion Show at Bradford Bulls last week and spending the day with my mum and the kiddiewinks on Monday. Mum works full time but she had a rare day off so we spent some quality time together and with the babies. We had a ball and I managed to resist the ice cream treats whilst walking in the brisk May winds around Yeadon Tarn. My little boy spent more time licking the ice-cream from his coat than the actual cone!

The modelling was such fun working with local clothing boutiques, we've got some great unique and talented ladies in the Yorkshire area, I modelled some beautiful outfits for Ladylike Fashion of Cottingley, Eden Boutique of Bingley and Sitting Pretty of Huddersfield to name a couple. Honestly girls you need to check out their designs and collections they're stunning and so reasonable I was shocked at how inexpensive they were. The night was a great success and lots of money was raised for some amazing charities. I was honoured to be a part of it. Especially as if someone had told me I’d have been walking down a charity catwalk 6 months ago I’d have laughed in their face. MC&L has once again given me my confidence back and I’m loving life. Saying no to sugar invested treats no longer seems like a hardship, it's a way of life.


So I’ll be seeing you in a fortnight with my final results of the 21 Day Detox. Wish me luck and if you haven't already jump on board and shed those stubborn inches - you won’t regret it!

Lots of love