Make natural skincare treats using food in your fridge

For someone with a Media degree and having worked in marketing for several years, it's ironic that I am such an ‘advertiser’s dream'. Any product promising to give me that much needed glow, or reduce the appearance of wrinkles is sure to catch my eye. But after years of experimenting with these products, I have really started to question, do they really do what they say on the tin?

For a while now I have wondered whether that the endless lists of often unpronounceable ingredients on the back of these products may actually be doing more harm than good to our skin. Surely there is a less complicated option? We're becoming more discerning about what we put into our bodies in the foods we eat, so surely we also need to start paying more attention to what we put 'on' our body.

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We are all aware of the health benefits of eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables so I thought I would use some of these delicious ingredients in my skincare recipes. Not only are they packed with essential vitamins and nutrients but they can also offer some of the anti-oxidant qualities of the skincare products we spend so much money on.

And then it came to me - if the growing number of so called 'natural skincare' companies could come up with 'natural' products for my skin - surely so could I?! Hence my new found hobby of making skincare from my food cupboard. Yes, it really is that simple! OK, it does take a bit of trial and error, but I guess that is all part of the fun!

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One of the most appealing aspects of the Mission Clean & Lean detox programmes is that as well as shredding a few pounds, they will also leave us feeling invigorated and energised. It is empowering to know that by taking more control of the foods we eat, we are making healthier lifestyle choices that will make improvements on the inside and outside. 

Our skin plays a huge role in the detox process as many of the toxins are eliminated through sweating. But by applying a few new methods and recipes to our skincare regime, we can flush out even more waste and toxins through smart cleansing and gentle nourishing treatments.

With summer on the way, there really is no better time to start caring for our skin, so why not give some of the Beach Ready skincare tips a go as part of your 10 day detox plan and see if a natural approach to skincare can work for you too!