Beach training in 33 degree heat sweating out the amaretto!

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So guys I'm back again reporting from the sunny paradise of Turkey eating an ice cream nursing a sore head... Amaretto isn't poured as a normal measure here put it that way! Well what an amazing week we have had! Eating clean & also not so clean and managing to workout with Jo ON THE BEACH! And boy did that test my fitness levels you can imagine what I wanted to do to that bleeper that Jo uses on the workout videos! 33 degrees with no breeze was a killer! But no room for excuses it's up and on with it! No pain, no gain! So I have been filming the Beach Ready workouts with Jo and boy are they a test, but never the less your body feels amazing by the time you have finished them! Neither of us could walk every morning we have attempted to get up and out!  So they are really going to give you that beach bum there's no worries there!  But I have eaten my body weight in desserts and drunk alcohol like I have an addiction, only joking BUT I have enjoyed the salads and had to keep myself hydrated with water as we are here for a fitness event so teaching with Jo in this amazing heat has also been a challenge! It has been quite easy to stay clean as many of the group I am with have actually done MC&L and succeeded with amazing results! I have met one of the loveliest ladies this week as she is friends with Jo and has come with her partner... Miss Evie Brogan! I was amazed with Evie's results and such positive attitude towards MC&L and the way the girls run it! I asked Evie to just write a little blog about her journey as I was so touched with what she said to me so over to you Evie…

“Hey gang! Lovely to be able to share my MC&L experience with you so thank you for asking me Charlotte! This week I got to see the fun and active side of MC&L in Turkey where I am for a holiday that happens to also be a fitness week (not a total coincidence, I have shared friends with Charlotte and some of the crew teaching here).
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So I arrive at the hotel and as I'm on the hotel buggy being dropped off to my room with my luggage and friends, I hear the pumping tunes of a class. We drive past and there it was Jo P teaching and a group of funky folks, including Charlotte, sweating and strutting their stuff in the sunshine. That looks great, but I'm not sure that's for me, I thought. 
Later that night the fitness crew are all together and I'm introduced to Charlotte and as we meet I say, at 100 miles an hour, ‘Oh Charlotte it's so nice to meet you, you've done so well, I read your blog, I love your honesty, you look great, I love your top, I wish I could wear a size 10 and it went on… Total CRINGE to the max, this girl has only just met me and here it must feel like I am a 100% fully qualified stalker.  But the truth is while I've never been really heavy, I have struggled with my weight my whole adult life and I had thought to be truly clean, lean and strong with a defined body I'd have to eat egg white omelettes, drink protein shakes and work out for two hours a day. But MC&L has taught me it’s not like that and Charlotte's blogs show her to train hard and play hard, not only be on the wagon but drive it, make it her way of life and then fall off, or maybe just employ that 20%, and drink her weight in vodka. (Speaking of vodka Grey Goose is the cleanest of all spirits so if you want to drink choose that.) Her blog showed me that it's not 'health freaks' that are strong, lean and dedicated, its normal people like you and me. We're over the stalker bit now and have truly bonded over water parks, salads, a shisha pipe and cocktails and I'm delighted to have a new buddy with an interest in being on a mission to be clean and lean. Oh and as for those classes that I thought weren't for me, well that turned out not to be the case! I'd THE BEST time at Jo, Charlotte and Becky’s Zumba class. It was such fun and left me on the biggest endorphin rush for the rest of the day.  Whoop whoop!”
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Thanks Evie for doing that for me! I also have another good friend of mine with us Jacqui Campbell who is also going to share her experience with you! We have had a fantastic few days together for Miss Campbell's birthday starting with champagne breakfast but the rest of the week’s shenanigans have to stay in the walls of the resort! So thanks to Jaq's for writing also this week :

“This week I've had the pleasure of spending time with Jo and Charlotte in the beautiful Gural Premier Resort in Tekirova, Turkey. It's such an amazing place - the facilities and hotel rooms really live up to their 5 star reputation, but it's the fabulous spread of beautifully presented buffets available 24 hours a day that were always going to pose the greatest potential threat to the weight loss I've managed to achieve through my experience with Mission Clean and Lean.
When Charlotte asked me to contribute to her blog this week, I was thrilled. She has achieved an incredible result through her hard work and by sticking to such a brilliantly effective programme, designed by Jo and Fern. I'm a little behind her in terms of results, but I'm so pleased with what I've achieved so far - 19 lbs during the initial 21day programme and a further 7lbs since then by maintaining the principles. It really is all about a lifestyle change and putting into practise on a daily basis all of the protocols you learn on the programme. Which brings me back to that buffet… once upon a time I'd have piled my plate high with carbs and fruit (my secret addiction) not realising the damage all the sugar in that so- called healthy low fat food was doing to me and believing I was making good choices. This week the choices have never been easier - beautiful fresh fish and amazing vegetables and salad. I truly love this food and don't feel at all deprived. And the fact that the number on the scales doesn't creep up is an added bonus.
I'm going to get straight onto the Beach Ready Programme when I get back on Monday to counter the damage from the champagne this week - yes it is my guilty downfall! I can't wait, particularly since I've had a sneak preview of the excellent workouts we'll all be doing. Let's get back on it!”

Thanks mamma J! So a fab week training hard, eating clean, enjoying many a cocktails, desserts and dancing along with sunshine sand and most importantly amazing company! So if you’re  wanting to get that beach bum and body then BEACH READY is your answer £24 for 10 days to be given healthy recipes, health tips and fantastic fitness then check out to book/ @cleanleandetox - twitter and mission clean & lean page on Facebook! So thanks to my lovely girls for writing this week and sharing their experiences with you all! 

See you in 2 weeks!