Fun in the sun but paying for it on the scales!

Well I brought the weather home with me for us all to share didn't I...

We felt so much better with a bit of sun on our faces that I felt I ought to bring it back to the UK with us for everyone to benefit from the added spring in the step that the sunshine gave us so, I hope you're enjoying it as much as me?

portugal chilling.jpg

Portugal was fabulous, we caught up on sleep, drank far too much (I wish I was talking about water only now as boy, the scales don't lie!) and generally enjoyed lazing around for a couple of days. Most of all I just loved feeling a lot like me again in my hot pants. I felt like a girl again instead of the oversized platypus I had become whilst pregnant for two years. I had a sparkle back in my eye and it wasn't the sun blinding me :0)

portugal hotpants.jpg

Why does everything, taste, smell, sound so much better in the sunshine? Well I ate clean but I felt a very naughty girl when I came home after the copious amounts of wine and cocktails which I consumed in such I short space of time.

kobe cocktails.jpg

I wish I could tell you that I lifted my finger off the self-destruct alcoholic button when I came home but I would be lying and I’m not very good at that. No, I continued on my drinking binge throughout the bank holiday weekend, Dave and I had a fabulous spontaneous night in Kobe where I went down the cocktail list but again ate very clean and then we both went out with friends on Saturday and met up about 2am. Not such a great idea staying out so late dancing to the small hours when the babies are determined to get up at 5.30am the following morning! Eek

To say we felt like our heads were being used as the Queens Guards drum is such an understatement. We suffered all day. Thankfully the babies slept for two hours early morning which meant we had just enough energy to see us through until bed time before we tucked them up in to bed and joined them yes; we're hard-core, in bed for 7.15pm!

So, Bank Holiday Monday came and how beautiful was it. Simply gorgeous, so we hit the beach. Scarborough shocked me, I can not remember it being such a buzzing hip place when I was a child it all seemed grey and miserable. North Bay must have had a face lift as it resembled Brighton a lot more than I thought it would or ever could! I think some of you will remember me saying that I was back on the 21 detox plan as of the 6th May and I stuck to it. I was so proud of myself, no fish and chips, burgers, ice cream, candy floss or beer, wine, cider or even a prosecco at our BBQ with friends later that evening. It was so tempting to crack open a cider in the sunshine but I resisted.

Don't get me wrong these past 2 weeks of pure socialising and cocktail indulgence has been fun but it does make your body feel rather poo. So, now 8lbs heavier (stupid stupid girl) I’m back - A girl with a mission. And boy I mean business. We have friends visiting from Brighton from tomorrow for the weekend but I’ve nominated myself as chief driver and booked us in restaurants which I know will serve me MC&L food. I have a plan and I will stick to it. After all I have a dress to fit into and lb’s, serious lb’s to shed

Have a great couple of weeks. On my next blog I’ll be 2.5 weeks in to my 21 day detox so I can't wait to share my success stories in lb’s and inches with you. Fingers crossed I’ll have lost a lot more than I’ve gained!


Take Care have a fab start to May

Love Jo