Introducing Evie's Tuesday Foodie Tip! Week 1: the perfect boiled egg

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Mission Clean & Lean is delighted to announce the latest member to our team of contributors.

Evie Brogan is a talented and passionate home cook who has recently reawakened her love of cooking by getting involved with MC&L and learning how to adapt her modern and classic recipes to make them clean. 

Brought up in a large Irish family, Evie was well trained in the basics by her mother and has always had getting together to eat as an integral part of her life. In later years she has travelled the globe picking up cooking tips from India, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the US (yes believe it or not they can do clean!) 

This year Evie will be enhancing her skills with a trip to a Michelin stared cook school for a masterclass in fish and shellfish as well as spending the afternoon cooking and eating with Albert Roux, holder of 3 Michelin stars. While she is excited to learn about elegant and complex food, Evie is an uncomplicated home cook who likes to keep it simple, throw in a few cheats and put a smile on the face of the people she feeds. With her simple approach to cooking and fantastic cooking tips from the most basic up to the more complex, we know she has the ability to make us all more confident in our kitchens.

Evie will bring a cooking tip to us every Tuesday and a recipe every Friday. If there is anything you want to see or learn please just let us know and she’ll be only too help to help!


Week 1: how to boil an egg


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This week we’re going to start right at the very beginning with boiling an egg. Let’s face it, it don't get much more basic than this! I promise you that if you follow these rules your boiled eggs will always be perfect. 
Never use an egg straight out of the fridge as it’s likely to crack. Use a small pot so there is less room for the eggs to move about and damage. Cover the eggs by about an inch with COLD water and put on a high heat as soon as it starts to boil, turn down to a simmer and set your timer, don't guess! 
3 mins = really soft 4 mins = white set & runny yoke 5 mins = white & yoke set with just a bit of squiggly yoke 7 mins = hard boiled. 
To easily peel a hard boiled egg, tap it a few times so the shell cracks and peel it under a cold tap. Eggs keep cooking inside their shell so the water stops the egg from cooking; this is especially important with hard boiled as it means the black that can appear between the yoke and white caused by over cooking won't happen. Plus it gets all the bits of shell off. If you plan on peeling your eggs later, emerge all eggs in cold water to stop them from cooking.

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Why not try using. . . .

  • asparagus spears as solders in a soft boiled egg 
  • crumbled hard boiled egg in salads for extra protein. We like to mix with avocado, prawns, lettuce and smoked salmon. Dress this mix with a bit of fresh, or dried, dill and a squeeze of lemon juice – Delicious