Tracey's way on the Pacific Coast Highway


I’m back from my Californian road trip and the most AMAZING time.  The trip was everything I hoped and more and was definitely up there with a trip of a lifetime.  For anyone who has thought about driving the Pacific Coast Highway then all I can say is DO IT, DO IT, DO IT...

 I’d love to spend my blog telling you all about it but I guess holidays are individual experiences and memories and so I’m just going to give you a few highlights and then I will get down to the nitty gritty of my food hell in CALIFORN I A...


San Francisco - Big Thumbs Up, Alcatraz was a humbling experience, I was lucky enough to go on a beautiful summers day so the crossing was relatively calm and on the way we stopped off to see the Sealions at Pier 49, smelly creatures, but amusing to watch for a while until the smell really gets ya...Golden Gate Bridge, having dinner whilst sun sets over the Bay Bridge, a journey on the Cable Cart up those hills of San Francisco, Cheesecake Factory (oops) and the winding road of Lombard Street

Driving the Big Sur - the most breath taking scenery whilst driving through the mountains on the right whilst watching the ocean waves crashing against the rocks on your left, you are literally next to the cliff edge as you drive around these winding roads, I’m not one for heights so keeping my eyes open was a challenge and at the end of it Chris had to release me from my grip of the leather seats, but worth it.

Santa Barbara - This is probably my favourite place of all at the current time (I’ve asked for  work transfer) the cleanest, prettiest place, so chilled out and friendly, we had our room overlooking the ocean so the views were gorgeous.  I experienced an earthquake here which measured 4.9 (bigger than the Welsh one recently) and luckily for me I was actually in the toilet at the time so probably best place (!) at first I thought it was a train rumbling along as we were next to train tracks but when the whole room starting to sway (I’d not hit the booze early promise) and had to hang on I realised it was a legitimate earthquake, was kinda freaky but I can tick it off the bucket list.  Running along Santa Barbara beach beats wet and windy Watford of an evening I can tell you.  Baywatch has nothing on me hahaha


Malibu and LA - Shopping on Rodeo Drive, alas no Pretty Woman moment for me but I did buy some sportswear, as my friends say, only I could buy some sportswear on Rodeo Drive....

Have to say not a great fan of LA, didn’t live up to the hype and once I had seen the Chinese theatre, Rodeo Drive and Griffiths Observatory and the views across the City I was pleased to get back on the road.

San Diego - Party town and great beaches, more shopping and eating and finally some real chill out time for 4 days.

We then headed back up the Freeway back to Santa Barbara (my favourite place) and into San Francisco where we got upgraded to a suite for our last night

Now I know California is home to Disneyland and the US is known for their large rollercoasters, well I experienced my own rollercoaster of emotions over the 2 weeks when it came to eating.  I LOVE FOOD. FACT.  I enjoy cooking and love all types of cuisine and have enjoyed trying a variety of recipes of the last year with an MC&L version where possible, but I did have a wobble. I struggled to get my head around the portion sizes, not being able to control what goes into it and the whole letting go, it’s holiday time.

I do not wish to offend anyone here but I am not sure the quote “less is more” comes from the US as every meal was HUGE.  Oh my days, just looking at the plate sometimes I was full.  I think psychologically I struggled here, maybe it is because I have been brought up to finish what I had on my plate before I could leave the table?? Question for any psychologists out there....


In the beginning of the trip I was aware that I was on my hols, time to let my hair down and indulge, but the little angel with the halo kept popping up and telling me I’d worked hard to lose this weight so I panicked that if I ate junk food, pancakes and burger and chips (sorry fries) I was going to pile it all back on and the little devil on the other side kept telling me to have fun and worry about it when I got back as I was doing my exercises, running and walking a lot (those hills were killers) so hopefully this was keeping the pounds at bay.

I did indulge some of the time but saturated fats are not my friend anymore and so found that I felt dreadful afterwards, bloated and so full up that I wouldn’t want to eat again for the rest of the day and so the rollercoaster begins again....

Overall I ate around 50% clean and I did have a few cocktails and glasses of wine here and there, but I always knew that as soon as I got back to the UK I would find it easy to get back into the MC&L way as it just makes me feel healthier all round as well as the weight loss.  I sadly had a protein shake craving after Day 4.

So, I’m back, I have had the most amazing holiday despite my food wobbles and I am now taking part in the 10 day Beach Ready plan or After Beach Plan in my case and I’m ready to hit it hard.  It sounds amazing and I have already heard some of the results so I’m a tad excited to see how I will fair.


The good news is despite panicking I only put on 2.5lbs over the 2 weeks and so I will get back on track and push through the next stage as I have Ascot, Henley and weddings coming up over the next few months.

I will let you know how I get on in my next blog and hope to have some banter with you on the next plan I have to get back in to work mode and those 5.30am  starts again which is great when you add the Pacific Time jet lag into the equation.....hey ho!!

Wish me luck 

Tracey  X