Charlotte's bum gets in front of 20,000 magazine readers!

Looks like summer has found us finally! So happy after being back two weeks from the sunshine that it has followed us! So first Bank Holiday at home... the day after we landed from Turkey and it was time to head to Leeds in the sunshine with the girls! Shades on, shorts out and a drink in my hand! What more could I ask for? Well a different weight on the scales the next morning... I had drunk and over indulged (it was only a couple of lb’s) BUT the MC&L girls had an answer for that, their new 10 day Beach Ready detox! Just fantastic - that weight gain had gone by Thursday, but what a fantastic programme!


Brand new workouts that are seriously intense, they really do work as well! It is the only time I have seen a change in my thigh shape without having to run! It was lovely to also wake up one sunny morning and enjoy a nice cool berry smoothie! There are also fantastic tips on keeping your skin clear and fresh! AND not forgetting new lovely recipes the girls have put together, especially ones that are perfect for all those summer BBQ's that everyone seems to currently be holding! It really is a fantastic plan and I'm so glad I did it! The girls’ ideas are just getting bigger and better. It really will make you feel beach ready and you will be jumping into that bikini!

So a lovely clean week this week, really enjoying fresh food again and my chicken salad (not covered in grease like on holiday!) Lately at work it has been so busy which means not being able to take my dinner till at least  2:30pm but that hasn’t been a problem. The perfect thing about MC&L is that you are given the correct food for breakfast that keeps you full for a long period of time and your brain functions at 100% which allows you to get through your day even with a late lunch and doesn't make you want to snack on rubbish!

On Friday morning we were all really excited when we found out that MC&L has been featured in the June issue of Urban Coco, a fashion magazine featuring cutting edge design and international trends, using my story and pictures! If you’ve not read it yet you should check it out here, the magazine on average gets between 15-20,000 hits – that’s a lot of people looking at my bum!

night out.jpg

So the weekend had arrived again already and it was time to meet three of my close friends for pre-21st celebrations full of cocktails and dangerously ‘buy one get one free’, but it was a fantastic afternoon/night full of giggles, dancing and chatting, all which burnt the alcohol off! I had managed to still keep the weight off when I jumped on the scales Monday as I had done my workouts and ate clean!

So next time I will be writing to you I will be back in the sunshine with my family for my 21st chilling out preparing for Ibiza - mentally & physically but I'm rather excited! So enjoy the rest of your week, enjoy the sunshine, eat clean and stay lean but most importantly as the girls would say EMPOWER, INVIGORATE, TRANSFORM: three words to always remember in life!