A short sweet "¡hola" from our girl on the white isle

Hola Amigos, well Ibiza isn't letting me or the family and friends down, it’s as stunning as ever.  I still can’t believe it’s only two and half hours away from home! The heat and turquoise seas are being well received.

pink hotpants.jpg

I’d like to tell you that we’ve been sleeping throughout the day and clubbing til the early hours but that's so far from the truth. We have however proved to be excellent pool and sea monitors to make sure the babies aren’t making a quick escape and I’ve also found a new vocation in life... Chief sandcastle maker and water/shell collector girl. Just as well as work is continuing to provide me unnecessary stress and headaches!

Forgetting about that for a moment we're all packed and ready to get the boat across the water to Santa Eulalia for a day of fun in the sun. I’m hoping to get an 'authentic fruit smoothie' on the way for breakfast but unfortunately I’m not holding out too much hope as l must have slung six to date. You would not believe what rubbish they put in their smoothies over here. My last one had not one piece of fruit!!! Hello Ibiza your island is full of gorgeous natural produce please use it???

Meat and fish with no sauce or fries is a puzzling experience for the waiters over here but l think I’m shortly educating them :0). They're good at supplying H2O though. One plus side...

So enjoy the sun at home, l believe the weather has changed again wahoooo and I’ll fill you in on my Cafe del Mar and hire car expeditions on the island with the bambinos next time.

Speak soon
love Jo