Back to reality & back in the rat race

So the holiday is well and truly over and I’m back in the rat race again.  No chance of easing myself back in to the work place, blackberry flashes to say I have 630 emails eek....and here we go again...

It’s been a manic few weeks and I feel like my feet haven’t touched the floor.  There have been meetings galore and work to catch up on as well as lots of client entertaining.  

In my recent holiday blog I said that I struggled to get my head around the eating and portions in the US and so it was a relief to get back to a routine of eating clean and lean and the gym, oh spinning how I missed you whilst I was away, my first class back after nearly 3 weeks off was pretty hideous and by the end it was like there was a swimming pool at my feet, and I had the look of a killer tomato!!

I put on 2.5lbs whilst I was away so my first priority was to shift this and so I went back to eating clean all week, exercising and the gym and I managed to shift it quite easily so am really chuffed about this.  

bin bag.jpg

I took a giant leap forward and decided that I am NEVER going back to my old weight and finally threw out all my “fat clothes” it’s quite liberating, but also quite scary as I think we all have some “fat day” clothes and keep just in case, but actually getting rid of them means that there is no going back!!  4 black bin liners full of clothes were taken to our local charity shop and they were chuffed to bits, it also means I can do some skinny mcninny shopping for new stuff woohoo!

I signed up to the recent Beach Ready plan and have to say it is fantastic, it is easy to follow and the exercises are great, they are pretty hard, but you can certainly feel it working the belly, butt and bingo wings.  I love being part of a group, it is great to have the banter and support and morale boosts from our Fern and Jo P every day.  I find that when I am in a group it is easier to keep on the straight and narrow and also seeing how others are coping and get to hear about some lovely recipe ideas.  

I0 days goes so quickly and I have managed to stick to it despite having to attend 3 client lunches in 1 week, I just make sure that the restaurants we go to are MCL friendly so we went to a Turkish restaurant, fish restaurant and steak restaurant, and I didn’t even bat an eyelid when everyone was drinking some lovely chilled wine and I had my sparkling water....I was in the Zone!!!  

Halfway through the beach body I attended a fitness day and met up with Char our bikini blogger and Jo P and it was lovely to see them.  They couldn’t believe how much I had lost since the last time I saw them in April and it gave me a boost to see that the good work is continuing despite holidays and nights out.  

On Sunday I went and saw Rihanna at Twickenham and whilst on the train journey there was chatting away to my friend about my recent plan and a lovely lady next to me apologised for interrupting our conversation.  She was really interested in what I was saying so I explained all about it, and gave her the website details and I have just found out she has contacted Mission Clean & Lean.  Spreading the word by rail now....


It’s been a hectic couple of weeks and I have been working ridiculous hours but I have had so much energy thanks to the plan and I have managed to switch back into work mode (unfortunately) quite easily.....I weighed in on Wednesday after 9 days on the plan as I had the pleasure of attending Royal Ascot Wednesday and there was no way I was gonna miss out on some fizz!!! After 9 days I have lost 6.5lbs and 4.3 inches on the beach plan, I am now 2lbs away from 3 stone weight loss and I am so excited and hope to hit this in next week if I can.  There were some fantastic results from the group too, well done gang!!


Check out my picture below from Ascot last year and I hope you can see the difference as much as I can...this is motivation in itself....

I have another hectic few weeks coming up with work conferences, Henley Regatta and a mini break to Devon and Cornwall so will catch up in another couple of weeks....I hope I break the 3 stone mark but looking at the next couple of weeks this might be a struggle hmmmmm

Tracey x