Evie's Tuesday Foodie Tip wk 3: a successful omelette


This week’s tip has come about from the request from another MC&Ler, and I must admit that although I order omelettes when out, I rarely cook them at home.  I tend to opt for a frittata using eggs and whatever I have in my fridge to make one.  Not only are frittatas great hot, they are good cold as a snack from the fridge and they travel really well so make for a fantastic packed lunch or picnic.  But I’m not here to talk about them, as today I’m going to show you how to make a 3 egg omelette which is a 1 person portion.   

For today’s tip I used 3 eggs, 125g of smoked salmon, a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of dried chives (fresh are better but I didn’t have any).

I’m sure there are a million ways to make an omelette, but I find the method I’m going to show you the best.  You might read it and think what she is going on about ‘turn the pan’, but honestly it works and will achieve a lovely soft melt in your mouth omelette. 

Before you start, think about what pan you’re going to use.  Too big and your omelette will be too flat, too small and it will end up too thick and you wont be able to fold it.

  1. crack your eggs into a bowl, add      a pinch of salt .
  2. using a large fork mix the yolk      and whites until you have a constant colour.  Do not over mix, so avoid whisking.
  3. if you want to, add  chives, parsley etc here too, covering      with the egg
  4. put some oil into a pan and turn      the heat up to high, let the oil coat the pan and when it’s stopped      bubbling pour in the mix, if you want add ham, salmon etc here.  Leave it for 5-6 seconds so the omelette      sets a bit around the edge then it’s time to turn.
  5. tilt the pan so its at an angle      of about 45 -90 degrees then using a small spoon pull the cooked bit up      into the middle of the pan and let the still raw mix run out
  6. repeat a few times until there is      just a tiny bit of egg mix left, and then take the omelette and fold it in      the pan, or if it’s easier put it on a plate and fold over with the pan as      you serve it. The omelette will still cook with its own heat, so don’t      panic too much with a small amount of runny mix before you fold.  
omelette 2.jpg
omelette 3.jpg
omelette 4.jpg
omelette 5.jpg
omelette 6.jpg

As you can see my omelette looked a mess in the pan but 99% of the time they turn out onto the plate just fine!

Evie’s Tips

  • If using tomato in omelettes remove the seeds or it will go runny and turn pink
  • Cut whatever you’re adding to the eggs really small so it cooks
  • Oil, I always use coconut oil because it’s so healthy, but you could use any oil
  • You can add black pepper to your egg mix, however, I think the black colour from the peppercorns take away from the fresh yellow colour