From drinking cocktails in St. Leeds ;) to champagne in St. Tropez... Well what a reality check!


So the time has come, two big holidays & the big 21 whilst in St. Tropez & what a place to be able to celebrate with my delightful family! We didn't have a great start to the trip staying overnight at the Travelodge in Leeds/Bradford - what a nightmare that was! But anyway it was onto Nice, we were flying at 6am; now if anyone knows me well enough I am not a morning person! So it was off to the bar in the airport, now usually I would have a sausage sandwich or a croissant & a diet Coke! Not now I have that MC&L trained mind. Porridge & blueberries it was with a bottle of water & it kept me full throughout my journey on the plane! Perfect! So the family met me & grandma at the airport & we headed to our destination - St. Tropez! What a beautiful place but I still felt underdressed with my blazer on & heels but off they soon came & I jumped into my MC&L bikini! So me & grandma stayed in a luxury villa which was lovely & we had the facility to cook ourselves, so mum had brought my protein powder with her as they came over in the car, breakfast was sorted each morning with blueberries, ideal! Lunch was brilliant, the fresh meat in France is amazing just like the fresh bread (which I didn't touch till my birthday may I add) but with an amazing cold salad it was perfect as it was 35 degrees, we also ate well on an evening having meat & green vegetables so MC&L really can go on holiday with you!

monte carlo.jpg

Next stop... Monte Carlo, well if I win the lottery I will be buying a boat. Goodness me! I did hint on my 21st for one but... that didn't happen! It was a lovely place, we managed to have lunch at Cafe de Paris I had a fresh tomato soup & water again lovely & healthy, & it was back to the villa for dinner so there was no issue with clean food! Staying with my grandma has been hilarious! I have done my workouts every day & the first day I did them in the villa, well burpees as we all know make a racket not only jumping on the floor but your mouth also goes! Well I have never seen an 80 year old run so quick, she thought I had fallen, soon to say I was in the gym every other day working out! So as I write this it is mine & my beautiful twins BIG 21! & what an amazing day! Had champagne & croissants for breakfast, opened presents, ate my favourite sweets, had some birthday cake, had a cocktail but a lovely clean meal having prawn with brown rice & green beans, delicious, but to be fair Jo & Fern gave me a day off ;)! Thanks girls! I also showed true dedication & hit the gym this afternoon! So after being spoilt rotten by family & friends it’s onto St. Tropez tomorrow for the day & the boats! I am like a child so excited! Then we fly home Friday evening! Then the next stop for me is Ibiza! Complete different holiday celebrating my 21st with the girls! Lots of drinking, dancing, partying for sure!!


Now the best thing with MC&L is that's you can still come away & relax & holiday & stay super clean & find 20 minutes a day to work out! The programme really does train your mind to that way of life!

Walking round the pool for me has been a breeze, the aqua fit lady on the morning of my birthday actually commented on my well-toned stomach & arms! Which was an amazing birthday present in itself! So my tip for this week is don't over indulge & regret it when you get back from your holiday, eat your usual fresh clean food & water, it's brilliant for your appetite when in the warm climates it cools your body & relaxes you without making you feel bloated!

So if you are reading this & want to get that quick boost to your bikini body the next 10 day detox starts on Monday. It's fantastic it really is! It cleansed my skin mostly & wiped out my spots! I also felt fresh on it, some amazing recipe ideas, lots of lovely ways to eat healthy, stay full & lose weight & the support from Jo & Fern is brilliant! So what are you waiting for? Have a look around the website for the detox programmes & any questions just drop the girls an email they will soon get back to you!

 Finally I have posted a picture in my MC&L bikini the girls bought me for Ibiza & I have to say it felt amazing! I have had two people by the pool ask me what it was, one German & one French & I think I burnt 2lbs from all the energy I put in trying to explain!

Over & out!