Beach Body detox gets Jo ready for the sunshine

Howdiedoodle. At last the sun is shining, boy it's made us wait but isn't the world such a nicer place when it's shinning bright?

Waking up to gorgeous blue skies and the birds tweeting puts me in such a better mood for the day. I actually jumped out of bed this morning and had completed my exercises before going downstairs! Jumping out of bed is a rare occurrence in our house as Dave and I love our sleep a little too much, I just wished someone would share this information with our two bambinos!

So what have you been up to these past 2 weeks? Lots of fun and mischief I hope :o)

My three week detox came to an end and I was thrilled with the results, in fact if I could do a cartwheel I would have been doing them up the street! As I lost 12 lbs and more importantly shed 9 inches (well 10 if I decide to count both arms and legs :0)) You can see a real difference on my tummy I just have a few more lbs to go to be completely happy (well maybe that isn't completely true as I’m a woman and are we ever 100% happy with our bodies?). So my naughty Portugal gain has been obliterated plus some and I went straight from the detox on to the Beach Body.

I did have to start the Beach Body a day late though as once again poorly children struck our house while Daddy was on a stag do in the sunshine. How does it always work out like that?? They are never poorly or grumpy while I’m away.... Hmmmm I think the Gods favour their Daddy :0).

Any way I want to share a true story with you. I wasn't at home and I had to eat what was given to me or go hungry so I ate two bread based meals and I paid for it so much the next day, I had stomach ache, felt bloated and wait for it.... ..... I'd put on 4lbs in one day. Bread clearly doesn't agree with me at all and probably makes me retain water as well as that was one serious weight gain for a day but my lesson has been 'go hungry Jo as bread doesn't like you'

I hit another small milestone in the month of May, ok it's felt like the biggest mountain for me over the past few months but I had to invest in a new bra as I couldn't make the back any smaller so another smiley face these past two weeks. Although, Dave's knees nearly buckled at the price of it, he's such a Yorkshire man!

We've been as hectic as ever on the social front which has been fun. Over the next 12 months is the start of crazy, mad wedding season for us as we have 7 to attend between now and next summer, one of which is our own. I'm loving thinking about the outfits I’ll wear and the fun we'll have with all of our friends and family. At least two outfits are sorted for me, my own and my best friend Lou's as I’m a Bridesmaid. Eek very exciting times ahead. I can actually say I can't wait to try her chosen Bridesmaid dress on this Saturday (a few months ago the thought filled me with dread!)


My friend’s Hen do this weekend was a little messy, I think the sun and starting at 3pm probably had a lot to do with it, not to mention the 2 4 1 on my favourite cocktails. I paid big time the following day. So I forfeited a cheat meal once again for Vodka cocktails. It’s the right choice for me but I know it's not for everyone. I love the fact I can eat and drink clean in the week and have a treat at the weekend. Although, I have to say I don't normally consume as much alcohol in one weekend.


Dave and I had another date night and ventured in to Leeds Trinity Centre for the first time since it opened and it was fab. We had drinks in the sun in Angelica bar on the roof tops which was a little bizarre as I thought I was losing the plot at the bar (yes, I know what you're thinking but it was before a drink) as I seemed to recognise about five people sat at it. I racked my brain for a while and then realised that three were from Emmerdale, one from Corrie and another from a reality TV show. All I can say is thank the lord I hadn't had a drink as knowing me I’d have gone and said hi to them all fearing I didn't want to appear rude. From there we went to Bar & Grill as it would seem very rude to miss one of our favourite bars, especially as the sun was shining. We then decided to try Cielo Blanco a new Mexican in the Trinity Centre and the food was awesome and a fab mix of 'clean' food and 'Mexican Street' food. It was delicious and very reasonable. So after feeding our faces we made a fatal error of venturing to the cinema in Trinity (which is so lush and cosy - you must try it if you haven't already) It’s what I think every cinema experience should be like. Unfortunately for us Dave chose the film and I was so disappointed in The Wolfpack, I really wish they had kept it at 2. I fell asleep, not once but twice. That's how bad it was :0(. So now I’m gutted I lost the choice of film as I’m still dying to watch Fast and the Furious 6, Vin Diesel and Mr Rock wouldn't have let me down, would they? Well fingers crossed we get to see it before we jet off to Ibiza next week.

Yes, Dave and I are hitting my favourite island for two weeks of sun with the bambinos. My mum's coming out for the first few days and friends are joining us for the last few days so it really will be a very diverse and fun holiday. I just can't wait for continued sunshine and hitting Mambo's with the kiddiwinkles. I'm even more exciting about wearing my pink hotpants. I bought these beautiful short things when I was pregnant with my little girl and I couldn't get them over my calves, well now they fit and I truly believe that I owe that one to the last detox. My mum will die when I wear them as you can't miss me in the fluorescent pink but I’ll be smiling with pride.


So I guess if they fit me now my dress must be closer to fastening? I’m so scared about trying it on it will stress me out of there's still lots of work to do. May be I’ll try it next month... One thing I do know is that I’m pleased I wasn't over confident in my last blog about the Bridesmaid dresses I loved as they didn't so they were sent back. Trying to suit six adult ladies seems like a bigger task right now than losing the baby blubber. Let’s see what this month brings where the Maids dresses are concerned.

Have a fab fortnight and I’ll see you when I get back from IBIZA BABY