IBIZA baby! Feeling good in my bikini = priceless!

IBIZA… one word: ‘carnage’. Safe to say I can't drink how I used to be able to before the detox BUT what an experience and one of the best I have ever had. I think this blog will be very different to my Blog Buddy Jo Telfer’s experience of Ibiza this time round.

So home from St.Tropez and it was such a quick turnaround had to unpack, wash, iron and re pack in one and half days. Packing has to be something I now enjoy. It is such a sense of achievement packing size 8 clothes rather than size 14, especially my little denim hot pants! I was so excited trying on all my outfits before I put them in the case I just couldn't believe the change in what I was packing from last year to this. Last year it was baggy vests and harem pants and long skirts, no not this year, shorts, skirts, crop tops. It had sunk in, I finally realised the weight which I have lost in a year and the inches I have shredded. I remember just smiling to myself ready to hit the beach and being happy with how I looked.

ibiza 3.jpg
ibiza 1.jpg

So it was time to go, Gemma and Taneisha arrived to get me at 3am... Ouch! We arrived at the airport to find we had a 6 hour delay, the weirdest thing though is not going and having a full English and a Malibu, I went for natural yoghurt, blueberries and water, definitely changed. So we finally boarded the plane and were in Ibiza, ready to party, dance and drink! It was fantastic. We hit so many bars, clubs, restaurants and… Cafe Mambo where I watched the beautiful sunset, what an emotional experience I'm so glad I have ticked it off my things to do. With my MC&L knowledge it really changed the places I went for lunch & dinner. This time last year I would have been heading to McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut but that wasn't the case. I had prawn skewers, salad, chicken skewers oh and a pizza amongst many other things, but eating clean on holiday didn't make me feel bloated around the pool and it actually freshened me up as it wasn't stodgy food sat on my stomach.

 I managed to rock my MC&L bikini a lot; secretly I think the girls were fed up of seeing it and me talking about it when I was asked what's that on your bum... I had to remember I was in my MCL bikini or I would have been rather worried. I wore it to the Ocean Club which I have to put in, we were VIP baby!!!! On a VIP white bed in the middle of the pool with too much vodka and I also wore it on the boat party where a couple of girls were talking to me about it and commented on how slender and lean I was.

ibiza 2.jpg

I was so proud to wear it and represent MC&L. Being confident on the beach really made me realise how much the girls have changed my life and me. It may sound dramatic but without them I wouldn't feel and look how I do now. It has changed me positive outlook on life, my figure, my fitness, my appearance and my skin. The girls are amazing at what they do and the results they achieve for people and how many peoples’ lives they have changed I really am proud to represent them.

So my 3rd day home and I have serious holiday blues but I have to admit I did miss my clean eating life (especially protein pancakes) and my training it was an amazing feeling doing workouts again although I did have to wring my clothes out from the sweat.

So anyone wanting to get that bikini body for summer in a quick 10 days check out www.missioncleanlean.com for the new Beach Ready 10 day programme also along with the 21 day programme. Also check out @cleanleandetox on twitter and mission clean & lean Facebook page for all sorts of ideas, blogs, recipes and detox plans.

Well it's ADIOS from me and I will speak to you in a couple of weeks!