Caribbean crispy salmon, sweet potato mash & pineapple salsa

This week’s recipe is guaranteed to delight your mouth; it’s a dish that has so many wonderful textures and flavours going on it's hard not to love it! 

Every time I make this salsa I get transported back to my early 20’s when I lived in a total party house with four of my friends. It’s where I first tasted the salsa made by my friend Delyth, who incidentally like me has turned her party lifestyle into a (mainly) clean living one and her dedication to being lean has been an inspiration to me on my journey to become clean, lean and strong. I might not have even remembered it correctly after all these years but the smell of the lime and pineapple take me right back to the long hot summer of London 2002.

salmon final.jpg

Serves 4  

You will need:

  • 4 salmon fillets
  • ½ pineapple
  • 1 red onion
  • Juice of ½ a lime
  • Bunch of coriander finely chopped
  • ½ chilli (or more if you want)
  • 2 med sweet potatoes

Take the salmon out of the fridge add some spicy seasoning, I used a grinder of chilli and garlic this time but I have used Cajun a lot in the past, and bring up to room temp. 


Put peeled and chopped sweet potato into boiling water and cook until soft; when it’s soft you don’t need to add butter, or anything else. When done mash it and leave it in the pot with the lid on to keep warm as you finish your salmon.


Meanwhile make the salsa.  For me this dish has two stars, the salmon and the salsa, so think about your salsa when you’re chopping the pineapple and onion. You want the onion to be small and pretty evenly sized. As you can see in the picture, chop your onion in half then cut it into slices, hold it together and cut it across. You’re sure to end up with even sized pieces then, and the bits at the edge that don’t quite make the same size, well you can just use those cos a small amount wont harm. 


Then chop your pineapple into small squares too. I like to cut into stripes and then across like the onion.

Add the chopped coriander (remember my tip of cutting in a bowl - so easy!) 

Slice your chilli into very small bits, de-seed most of it too.

Now lime and chilli, this is where you need to pay attention. Too much is a disaster, so add it bit by bit and mix it up as you add until you get it just perfect. If the lime is small I sometimes use the whole thing. 


Then heat some coconut oil in a frying pan and get it really hot. Add the salmon, leave for 1 min and then turn heat down to just below med. This means that the salmon gets crispy on the outside but doesn’t over cook. You can see salmon changing at the side as it cooks, so just at the halfway mark, turn the salmon over and the heat up again for about a minute, but the best way to check if its crispy is to look at it. You want the outside crispy and the inside soft and flaky. restaurants often leave it opaque in the middle which is how I like it but fish can be a very personal thing it so play about.

While the salmon is finishing off, put a big dollop of mashed sweet potato in the middle of the plate. Then put the salmon on top and drizzle the salsa round the edge.  I like to finish off with a bit of lime but that’s more for show.

I also have a bowl of salsa on the table to add more.

Hints & Tips

  1. This salsa is delicious so you might not have leftovers but if you do its great in a salad.
  2. You can replace the salmon with chicken; only don’t cook it in the same way as the chicken will dry out.
  3. Now here is an interesting fact for you that I picked up on my travels. In Jamaica they call sweet potato ‘potatoes’ and white potatoes Irish potatoes!

I really recommend that you try this one because it really is just delicious!


Evie xx