I won't let a bad back slow me down - wedding venue here we come!

Excited.com is where l am at right now. In fact if you saw me l may start to annoy you because l just can’t stop smiling. Not even a wet fish across my chops would make it disappear...

I’m sat in Manchester Airport's Departure Lounge with Dave getting ready to fly to Croatia to choose our wedding reception venue. Aaaaaagggghh l feel like a tigger, l want to bounce up high over and over again with excitement. I can’t believe we're actually going to meet my amazing Wedding Planner (l feel like l know her already from the marvels of technology - Skype is just too good) and book our wedding. Time has flown and thank goodness the inches are still melting away (all be it a bit slower now.) It’s better off than on though and I’ve managed another 1/2 inch off both my waist and hips in the past 2 weeks :0). My weight’s not shifted though (before MC&L that would have bothered me but my clothes don’t lie and that’s much more important to me.) 

So, I really want another 2 & 1/2 inches off both my waist and hips so I’m going to set myself 1/2 inch targets each couple of weeks as l want it to be do-able to avoid switching off & becoming demotivated if l miss my goal.

It is going to be tough though as I’ve done my back in and l mean really done my back in. If it wasn't for these seriously strong painkillers from the doctors that make me quite drowsy (much to Dave’s pleasure at the thought of a very peaceful 4.5 hour flight) l wouldn't be able to sit on the plane never mind walk round an island! Although walk is a strong word for someone who looks like a very rotund chicken as l can only walk with my bottom stuck out which also makes me look like l have a strange shape from the front view! Yes, yes, no clucking noises required Dave’s beaten you all to it! And apparently if l really was a chicken l could make my own MC&L egg omelette breakfast!!! Men.

So no exercise for a couple of weeks until the physio tells me l can will be tough but MC&L works without exercise (although much more effective with my beloved burpees and squats) so it’s time for me to stay strong and dig deep until the specialists sort me out! Back specialists that is...

This weather has been nothing short of amazing hasn't it? (it’s really got me in the mood for our little jolly). And it’s so easy to eat healthy off a BBQ. Charcoaled meat (or cooked to perfection - depending on who's cooking) and heaps of salad. Delicious. I have to say I’ve become a huge lover of the chicken and veg kebabs, they’ve been a life saver for our recent activities. We've been up to allsorts; from our first night out in 2 years with my brother and sister in law-to be ,as we've both been having babies every 6 months between us for what seems like forever, more 2 year old birthday parties, days out and in with my children’s God Parents and too many fab impromptu BBQs :0). 

So lots of eating in our household as always, it’s so nice to feel in control though and being able to enjoy healthy food whether it’s a normal meal or a cheat meal. Before l seemed to tell myself l only enjoyed food full of fat or calories! 

Ditching the rubbish sugar snacks and fatty convenience food definitely pays off though. l went for a 'treat’ treatment at my favourite beauticians (spending precious birthday vouchers) and she has never seen me either not pregnant or fat in between babies and after my daughter was born. At first l was offended when she looked straight through me but that was soon replaced with happiness that it was due to me losing over half my body weight in 7 months. I was made up.

Nearly as made up as having all adult bridesmaids tell me they loved the dress I’d  chosen for them (yes my second choice but definitely the best choice) so before anyone changed their minds l collected them last week :0). Another reason to smile.


Well it’s time to board so l better get a wriggle on as walking 200 yards for a person imitating a chicken takes at least double the time ;0)

Have a good couple of weeks