Eating clean focuses the mind in the heat of the office

Seriously I do not know where the last 2 weeks have gone, it has been crazy busy with work and on the lovely sweaty 40 degree train back home from London, I realised it was time to blog… normally Friday night I would be out for a few glasses (!) OK bottles of the finest Sauv Blanc but not today, I am heading home halo back in position and this week I started a 21 Day Detox...

So last time I checked in with you all, I had had a bit of a tough time with holidays, conferences and the races and indulged rather a lot! That sounds terrible saying I have had a tough time on holiday when holidays are to be enjoyed but I meant controlling the food intake and booze. Every now and again we are going to go off the rails for a little wander on the wild side, but in my head I know how I feel when I am eating MC&L and drinking the water and that is exactly how I am feeling now. I am feeling good :)

tracey desk.jpg

I have had lots going on in the City, it’s planning season, so been a tad stressed with that as this is all new to me with my new role, so having the mind focused really helps when you are going Clean (sounds like I am in Rehab) but your mind is so sharp and the energy you have is fantastic, so despite working long hours over last 2 weeks I have felt good and I am sleeping so well. Despite being stressed with the planning I feel in a much better mood hurrah...

I have taken to trying some new recipes too since I have got back on track as I love to cook and so I have dabbled with the kedgeree (scrummy), adapted chilli, chicken paprika, quite a lot of dishes you can change to become cleaner versions so keeps the taste buds tingling and as I am not munching in between I am really appreciating meal times. I have finally managed to make brown rice that looks like rice and not slop!


So I am on day 5 of the detox and this time no headaches so think it proves that my sugar and caffeine intake has reduced significantly from the first time I did this. Each time you do it, it gets easier and I suppose I could do this on my own, which I do 80% but I love the group banter and motivation we give each other and to hear about new recipes gets my chef juices flowing, picked up some great ideas and Evie’s tips are fab too!


I wanted to smash through the 3 stone mark but to be honest whilst everyone asks me how much have you lost now, the tell-tale signs for me, are the definition from the exercises and the inch loss, love my new wardrobe. I am at the stage where I am sneaking clothes in from the other half (don’t tell me you have never done that before lol) because I can buy so many more options and styles than before and it is a great feeling especially as the bingo wings are no more!!!

I am not at weigh day yet but I already feel lighter because of the amount of water I am guzzling and the trips to the loo add extra exercise at the moment. Carrying out the exercises in 30+ degree heat is interesting and I collapsed in a heap after the fit test but my time gets better each time I do it which is another great feeling.

So guys and girls, not an exciting couple of weeks as it has been mainly work related and just catching up at home over last 2 weeks after a manic few months I have had recently and recharging in the sunshine, hooray summer has finally arrived. It is my birthday next weekend and luckily for me it falls on a “cheat day” so I will be allowed a couple of glasses of fizz, let’s see if it just stays as a couple…

Enjoy the sunshine and I will report in in 2 weeks with my progress on the 21 day plan. 

Tracey x