It's officially Summertime & romance is in the air!

So summer has seriously been here, especially in Leeds these past 2 weeks! The word ‘scorchio’ springs to mind I think! What fantastic weather & bonus thanks to MC&L I know how to eat clean and drink well to keep myself hydrated and full to the brim!


It has been a great opportunity to eat properly and see if I could put my food knowledge into practice, and sure I have! I haven't cooked it yet, but had great ideas especially for all the BBQ's thanks to Evie's Top Tips which are FANTASTIC! I have been able to enjoy clean burgers, chicken kebab sticks, roasted vegetables (growing on me), salads instead of burgers, hot dogs, chips, garlic bread and all the crisps to start with, it has been fantastic to see the change in my thoughts on what food to put on the BBQ and that is all thanks to MC&L!

Also breakfast has been fantastic and filling! Protein pancakes with plenty of berries, lovely fresh pineapple to snack on if need be throughout the day, and thanks to the 10 day Beach Ready detox I have also learnt about what to put into a healthy smoothie for breakfast that keeps me full throughout the morning at work and then a lovely refreshing salad for lunch that can be nice and quick (required for my job) that I can still enjoy and know I won't need to eat till that evening, again all these ideas from the detox plan!

Drink: well I was terrible for thinking Lucozade orange (fizzy might I add) used to quench my thirst in the sunshine, I thought wrong, sugar just bloats you! You can't beat a glass of water with a slice of fresh lemon in or a bottle with one in! Perfect when you are sweating! So thanks to MC&L I have really been able to enjoy my social life and not be worried about how my results are going to be on the scales the following Monday! Bonus!

The exercises are also a great help, it's funny when you are dripping with sweat, from the 20 minute workouts they provide, and you feel such a sense of achievement! My motto now in life is ' Go hard or go home!'

So a busy few weekends, I have now met a new guy which MC&L has a strong influence on! The reason being is I lacked in self-confidence before, not anymore! I haven't been in a relationship for a while but now I feel good about myself I have met new people and am now in a relationship as I feel good about myself inside and out which again I feel is down to the confidence MC&L has given me in my new body and personality !


Moving onto last weekend my mum and a good friend Jackie McLeish completed the Jane Tomlinson Race For All 10k, and I think with help from MC&L, especially for my mum she has seen a dramatic increase in her fitness levels! Mum finished the race in 1 hour and 2 minutes, and it was a very proud moment for me when she crossed the finishing line, she was also placed 17th out of 144 in her category, but I won't tell you which category she fell in as I'm sure I won’t be walking tomorrow if I do so! Jackie also achieved her PB, again after a fantastic weight loss and increase in her fitness level that MC&L gave her she could achieve that!


So not much more to report this week as these past two weeks have been very hectic with work and I'm counting down the days till I am going on my next holiday… not long now :)!

Anyway stay hydrated with plenty of water in this summer heat and look forward to chatting in a couple of weeks!

PS I have the races this Saturday and I'm not very good with betting so if anyone has any tips feel free to drop me a message!

Enjoy the sunshine :)