Straight back from hols into my hectic life, facing food & time hurdles!

ice cream.jpg

WOW what a two weeks, writing it all down has exhausted me and also made me a tad jealous reliving all our Ibiza memories whilst my fellow MC&L blogger is out there now having an amazing time basking in the sunshine (showing off her amazing bikini body) and partying very very hard. I so wish we were back for the sun and the sand but not for the food.

My 12 days in Ibiza was so hard, I alluded to the fact that decent fresh clean food was hard to find and it really was. Even the freshly caught fish all seem to end up battered or soaked in oil before being served. However, I managed; just from living off steak, chicken and salad with heaps of melon and by our last day I finally found a bar who sold a real fruit smoothie with actual fruit in it! Miracle.

I did allow myself some treats however, I was on holiday after all and my Achilles heel is ice cream but amazingly I only had one all holiday. I think that was primarily to do with the fact that I was drinking wine and cocktails and I knew too many treats would kill my waist and the scales when I got back home.

I think that's what I love about MC&L, it's really disciplined me. I know what makes me feel rubbish, bloated and sluggish so I will do anything to try and avoid them and I’ve learnt quite quickly that I don't really miss them. I trade bread any day for a glass of fizz :0)


I hope Charlotte's having a fab time because we loved every minute. Our kiddiewinks saw so much from Ibiza Town’s Marina and night life, (they were so taken in by all the hustle and bustle they fought sleep and refused to doze until we left. I think they're going to be night owls like their parents when they grow up) to dancing on the rocks outside Mambo’s and watching their first sunset there. In all my years of going to the rocks I’ve never seen so many people be more interested in two bambinos dancing to the DJ playing their first set than actually taking in the view it was legendary. Although unfortunately for my son he has the same rhythm as his Dad!

 They also witnessed so many beautiful beaches and coves as we hired a car and I actually think I managed to keep my weight gain to such a minimum due to me running backwards and forwards to the sea for more water, at least 30 times in a couple of hours. At first I was a little disgruntled feeling I was missing out on much needed sunbathing time but I soon realised standing up = an all-round tan. RESULT! More to the point, for the first time in 2 and a half years I didn't care that I was putting a bikini on and bearing all it didn't cross my mind which meant all I had to focus on was making sure my daughter didn't eat the whole beach and my son didn't go for a swimming lesson in the sea without me :0)

We did learn quickly though if we sang every nursery rhyme twice on the way home in the car and did the actions to match it kept the bambinos awake which then meant that when we got home they slept for a good 2 hours so Dave and I had a little bit of time to relax and reminisce on the 'Good Old Days' whilst they slept and yes I could be spotted with a small glass of pink bubbles in hand ;0)


So we dreaded the journey home with no Mum to help but dare I say this… It was really good, they slept which I think was down to the airline giving us a free seat as the plane wasn't full. But they're certainly not daft as everyone was happy, especially us.

All you Mums and Dads know when you're on your flight home you've already started to think about the dreaded unpacking that awaits you and the washing, der der der! Well I’m no different we soon entered a Chinese laundry status. Things were different this time though. We normally grab a burger when we land as we can’t bear to go shopping but Dave had to whizz off straight to work when we got home and I was desperate and I mean desperate for some nice clean food so the first load went on and I hit the supermarket with 2 very tired babies. Yes, I was that desperate.

By 9am the next day I’d made 2 M&L cottage pies (consumed one with the family) and had made my first batch of morning smoothies for us all, not to mention completed all 7 loads of washing and drying, my morning exercises and was in the car on my way for the second day of Bridesmaid Shopping. Now to say I was shattered was an understatement but the clean food and exercises did help to get me going and by 12 noon the style of dress and colour may have changed but we were all very excited that my Bridesmaid dress had been chosen :0). Teal is the new coral, did you know?

Sunday I went straight in to an interim fast and after an eventful morning we went for a walk and then relaxed all afternoon as last we knew the next week would be a hectic one.

Monday started with going to watch Kings Of Leon, Tuesday Dave took me to see Ghost at Leeds Grand as part of my birthday present, Thursday I was at my friend’s Cancer fund raising Event, Friday was my daughters 1st birthday and I had 15 children round for her joint party with her brother, Saturday was our first of nine weddings in the next 12 months and Sunday we had 50 family and friends round celebrating my son turning 2 and daughter 1 again so yes rest was definitely required.

I had so many food and time hurdles to get over last week but I’m very proud to say that I cleared them all with flying colours and yes I did pat myself on the back :0)


Monday I watched my cousin tuck in to fajitas with all the trimmings while I had a gorgeous chicken skewer with veg and sweet potato chips at Chiquito’s before going to watch the totally amazing Kings of Leon. She thought it was hysterical watching me do my MC&L exercises in the hotel room whilst she was getting herself all glammed up. I didn't care I kept going through the pain of laughter whilst mid plank. I then had to watch her eat a McDonalds Quarter Pounder Meal, again I was staggered at the fact I just didn't care whilst I ate my salad and blueberries before hitting the gym when I got home and then really struggled to do my exercises as it was my first gym trip since being back home. Yes, my legs were like jelly! When Dave eventually got home on the Tuesday we whizzed in to Nando’s for a pre Ghost dinner for a full chicken and salad with balsamic m m mmmmm. Yet again I resisted ice cream at the interval but I did have a cheeky Vodka. I never profess to be a Saint Lol

Then Thursday came around very quickly and I went to my friend’s work where she had some amazing local ladies displaying their hand made goodies and shared their skills with foot massages and hand and nail treatments not to mention full hair pin ups it was a blast and I really can't wait til the Xmas Bazaar there. Such fun whilst raising lots of pennies for a cause that affects so many of us. I enjoyed H2O whilst fellow ladies tucked in to mocktails, pizza and cupcakes. Would my Halo slip and strangle me at my son and Daughters parties over the weekend or at our friends’ wedding?

party food.jpg

No it didn't, yes I drank on Saturday, Yes, I had to prepare some amazing treats for the kiddiewinks for both Friday and Sunday but I didn't even have a piece of cake. I had one piece of cake and ate cold meat and salad on all 3 days. I also made sure I completed my MC&L exercises daily and went to the gym 4 times last week as well as taking the babies swimming! And through discipline and routine I truly believe is the reason I’ve gained no inches and only 1.5 lbs.

My challenge to myself over the next 2 weeks is to drop to the next level in numbers on the scales. If I lose and keep off 2.5 lbs I will venture to a number I haven't seen in over 2.5 years.

I need to keep strong and determined as these last lbs and more importantly inches are definitely the hardest. I want to be able to report another 1/2 inch off my waist and hips and 2.5 lbs off

Wish me luck as you've not seen my diary!

Have a great 2 weeks