Evie's Tuesday Tip wk 8: Use frozen herbs for year-round flavour

Fresh herbs are not always practical but fear not! This week's tip will help you out and make your food taste great! 

Fresh herbs make your food look and taste amazing, but it's not really practical to have them in abundance all year round. So, why not use frozen? They are so much better than dried and most have no preservatives. Birdseye do lots as does Morrison's but I'm sure you can find them in most supermarkets. Also in the frozen section are my favourites: tiny cubes of garlic and chilli. Whack them into almost any dish and you're on to a winner. The best friend of chilli and garlic is ginger and guess what? That comes frozen and additive free too! Pop those three in any stir fry and you'll have a tasty dish. Waitrose do frozen lemongrass if you want a Thai infusion.

Tue 30 July herbs.jpg

Also worth noting that some fresh herbs you buy or grow can be frozen so no waste, but Google how to freeze as the leaves can get damaged, for example some leaves need to be wrapped in kitchen towel first.

As it’s summer I have lots of herbs growing at home just now so I don't have as many frozen herbs as I usually do which is why the picture looks a bit on the light side (pardon the pun), but get looking in the supermarkets you'll find lots. All year round I also have a selection of dried herbs, for me I find dried thyme, oregano, sage, bay leaves and dill work well but dried mint and dried coriander just don't work, or I've never found them to taste good in anything, so maybe avoid them as you're building your store cupboard.