My halo has slipped but all is not lost & I'm brushing myself off

I’m feeling a little bit battered and bruised after falling off the wagon.  My halo has slipped, however, all is not lost and I’m brushing myself off, picking myself up and looking forward, and the sun is shining at last hurrah :)

Where to start, hmmm, I have had a pretty hectic couple of weeks consisting of a nice mini break to Devon and Cornwall after a rough few days at work, working long hours “reforecasting” for the end of the year.  I have a new role which has taken me out of my comfort zone a bit but it’s all good, but trying to get to grips with it is challenging and so by the end of the week and working 12-13 hour days I was looking forward to a few days off with friends and family.

I have just finished the beach plan where I lost a lovely 6.5lbs and 4+ inches so I went with a smile on my face, despite not knowing what to pack as weather is pants.  It was great to turn up to a hug and lots of compliments about how great I look which is always good to hear, I won’t lie! 

This is where the halo starts to slip and I take a little stumble...

I had a lovely time catching up over news and being by the coast fresh fish was plentiful and so I was eating well. We had fresh lobster and crab at our friends, although I have eaten lobster before I have never cooked it and this was an experience.  It tasted amazing with a lovely avocado salad and a glass or 2 of wine... yes this is my confession time, I hit the vino and after a few weeks of not drinking I was a pretty cheap date, it was rather scrummy though.  Chris likes to call it loud mouth (!) I like to call it lady petrol because after a few glasses I am off...


We stayed in Devon for a couple of days and then headed down to stay with my family in Cornwall and again although I ate fairly healthy i.e. hake fillet and vegetables and pork and vegetables, I did sink a few bottles of the vino... pattern emerging here.  I also had a Cornish pasty, cream tea and a bacon bap (not all together), oh my days this is a proper confessional… when in Rome and all that I suppose.  I did a little bit of exercise, some spinning and walking/running but for those of you who know me, I go to the gym at least 5 times a week and sometimes twice a day so by the end of the weekend I was starting to feel bloated, tired and sluggish and raring to get back to the gym and healthy eating, wishful thinking it would appear.

We left Cornwall sad faced Monday as I had to get back for a works Senior Training Programme and Conference Monday night for 3 days, so after a 5 hour journey back to London and a change of clothes from holiday casual to business casual I set off again, thinking I could use the gym before or after the course.  NO SUCH LUCK.  It was pretty intense few days and unfortunately there wasn’t much “me time” after the training schedule.  Just time to have a quick shower and straight back out with the rest of the group for dinner and drinks.  Disappointing that whilst I wanted to eat clean the choices were very limited and I’m not a fan of salmon or veggie pasta dishes so food wise it was difficult but I stuck to scraping off the sauces from the meat and vegetables as much as I could.  I succumbed a bit to peer pressure on the boozing, whilst most of the time I have good willpower, I think I left it somewhere on the M5 from Cornwall or at home before I went to Devon, but I think I have found it again this weekend.

So whilst I am feeling a bit battered and bruised after a difficult 2 weeks, I have been back to the gym today, have been shopping for lovely fresh fruit and veg and meat from my local butchers and am looking forward to getting back to basics and doing some cooking and planning of meals for the next week.  Oh and some sleep would be nice too.

I’ve put on 1.5lbs over last 2 weeks, but I am optimistic that will come off now I am back at the gym and eating clean and I will hit the 3 stone mark very soon.

It’s my birthday at the end of the month and I am off to the races so whilst I have planning season at work and another conference to attend I am going to do my best to hit my target so I must avoid succumbing to the lady petrol!!!

Enjoy the sunshine