Evie's Tuesday Tip wk 10: Season, season, season!

Never just chuck a load of seasoning on at the beginning or end of cooking, try seasoning throughout the cooking process as it brings out the most in the flavour. Tasting your food as its cooking is undoubtedly the best way to tell how it’s doing, and is educating your pallet in the process; you can add salt, pepper, herbs and spices as needed. Putting the seasoning on throughout the cooking process allows the flavour to develop and enhances the other ingredients. It also stops you from making the common mistake of adding too much and too many flavours. Keep it simple, keep it in small doses. A golden rule I learnt from my mother is ‘you can always add but you can not take away’, I must have been about 7 when I learnt that and I still say it today.

potato in dish.jpg


If you ever over-salt a dish chuck a bit of potato in and discard after cooking. The potato attracts the salt leaving less in the dish.


Salt is the king of bringing out the flavour of your food. To avoid confusion and to set the record straight salt is not a flavour it’s a flavour enhancer and is key to all cooking. Make sure you use a good natural sea salt, which is much less sodium dense (bad stuff) as opposed to free flowing table salt which is full of chemicals.

Don’t be scared of salt when eating clean, remember that the majority of salt in the British diet is from processed foods and we’re laying off, or at least reducing, that in our diets. As such using a good quality salt, such as Maldon, really isn’t too bad for you.

Lemon is another amazing and underutilised flavour enhancer. Try adding a squeeze to tomato based dishes. Tomatoes need something to bring out their flavour; salt obviously does this but so do lemon juice and grated unwaxed lemon zest. Lemon juice also works well in lentil soup. Because it’s acidic its best added at the end of cooking; that’s why in restaurants you add your own squeeze of lemon to fish or lime to Asian dishes because just a small squeeze at the end is all you need.