So my phrase for the past week - "I'm BACK ON IT" I have used capitals because that is how determined I have been!

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So back on to the 21 days ready to freshen up my body for my holidays and boy has it happened, 9lbs gone in one week... FANTASTIC! One large change in my body since doing MC&L is my metabolism! I seem to just drop the weight I have gained within a couple of days if I go back to following the programme and doing my workouts, but boy could my body feel it after my workouts ... For a good few days! I feel different again, I feel fresh, energised, motivated and feel much happier in my appearance, my skin also feels and looks much clearer which again makes a big change in how I feel about my appearance!


Following the 21 day again so strict 1 year on has really made me realise the great effects it has especially in the work environment. I have a much bigger spring in my step, I'm more focused on each job in hand and just more energised. This is all thanks to the workouts waking me up and the food options giving me so much energy and strength.

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So it was once again a busy weekend when the MC&L team headed out into Leeds - Our lovely life changing leaders Jo & Fern - the beautiful bride to be - Miss Jo Telfer and the Guru in the Kitchen Miss Evie Brogan and myself! We had a fantastic night together brainstorming and the girls have some brilliant ideas coming too, so WATCH THIS SPACE!! We had a lovely clean meal and I enjoyed a couple of glasses of Rosé which I enjoyed and the following morning Evie made us protein pancakes which were, delicious!

So Saturday I ventured over to one of my best friends Becky’s in Manchester to party for her Dads surprise 50th had a couple of Rose's again. It was a fantastic night so it was worth it and I boogied the drinks off on the dance floor!

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Monday - back to reality! I am back in the zone again with workouts each day and plenty of healthy food's to keep me going and keep me clean & lean! Always remember my motto GO HARD OR GO HOME! 20 minutes out of your day is nothing 20 inches potentially off your body  in 21days is something so look at it that way!

The next 21day detox starts bank holiday Monday.... Perfect timing for all those who will over indulge I imagine especially on alcohol! Check out www.missioncleanlean.com for more details!

So have a great weekend good luck to everyone who is on MC&L which ever programme it is and keep those amazing results going and most of all ENJOY and let it retrain your mind, body and soul!