Clean Lean and MEAN!

There has been sunshine and rain down South and I suppose that sums up a little bit about how I have been feeling in the last couple of weeks since my last check in.

My 43rd year did not start great as I put my back out and so up until end of last week I haven’t been able to exercise and I don’t know how it makes you all feel but it makes me feel irritable, grumpy, tired and blurgh...maybe it is psychological who knows, but to me, it is like a huge black cloud that hangs over me and so without the gym and the little burst of sunshine (as I like to fondly refer to them) with Jo on the HIIT I have felt very sorry for myself and unfortunately as I could not exercise I had no reason not to have a few glasses (cough cough) ok bottles of wine when out with clients.....the thing is though, whilst I am drinking the vino I really enjoy it, however, after I have had the vino, I cannot sleep and find I am clock watching all night and feel rough as a badgers you know what the day after, so why do I do it, you would think after 43 years I would know by now but alas apparently not!!!


I had a fab time last weekend catching up with old school friends and I haven’t seen them since April time and it was so nice to hear there compliments about how good I look and how much weight I have lost and so that spurred me on and after a week of not being able to exercise and drinking a bit more than I have been of late I dragged my sorry butt out of bed Sunday morning and headed to the gym to see if the back would hold out and I am happy to say it did so as of the weekend I have been able to exercise a little and so amongst the rain clouds there is a little sun in my world :).  It also made up for not being able to be up north for the MCL mentors and bloggers night out too, am sure Char had a few for me anyway...


On the plus side, I have eaten well and I have tried a few new recipes including Evie’s Chinese beef, duck break in five spice with soy and a little honey over tender stem broccoli, celeriac (total disaster looked like slop, must try harder) and a clean chicken paprika dish and so with angst I stepped on the scales Monday morning and found I had lost 2lbs so was pretty chuffed with that particularly as I am now officially just over 3 stone lighter since I started MCL, love you Jo and Fern for all of your support and also all the ladies who have participated with me on my journey, you are rocks all of you and I hope you all continue on this path as it is a lifestyle not a diet we have here whoop whoop!!

This week has been crazy busy at work but I was determined that I was going to look forward and get back in the zone with training and eating.  To be honest on the whole I have done that with the eating part and have also managed a fast this week but I have found it really difficult to get to the gym as have had so many meetings to go too, why does work get in the way all the time, it is sooo annoying....I have decided as of next week I will try and book the gym in as a meeting twice a week lunchtimes and also before work. I will also be back on the HIIT too.  I love the gym for the cardio but the HIIT bad boys really do give you the definition and toning that we all want so I really do want to stress this to all that are thinking about the 21 day, progress or beach ready plans with Jo and Fern as I exercise a lot but these little bursts are killers but Oh My Days they work.  

tracey hoodie.jpg
hoodie 2.jpg

Last night after a really long week at week at work I got home to a parcel and Chris said to me “more clothes you have ordered” I had to struggle to think what I had ordered in the last few weeks and really couldn’t remember and when I opened it, it was a red hoodie from Jo and Fern for MCL, I was so chuffed, it made my week and it has made me even more determined to try harder next week, overall I have had an OK couple of weeks, but not being able to train is hard, but the back is much better, I am eating MCL and so am back in the game as Micky Flanagan would say.....It’s been a bumpy road and I’ve a few bruises (probably unidentified booze injuries) but with optimism for the next few weeks I am signing off and I hope you all have a good couple of weeks with more sunshine than rain....

Here's to clean eating and living! 

Lots of Love

T xxx