Finding a balance - play hard & train hard!

Well another week has passed and I don't have much to say… which for many people is 1) a relief to hear and 2) it doesn't happen very often! 

So 2nd week of the 21 day detox and unfortunately (sorry to any men reading this) it was TOM, hopefully you ladies will know what I mean by that! 

For the past two months when it has been this time it has been painful, I have felt stodgy, bloated, run down and lethargic! This was due to not doing my HIIT training so my body wasn’t energised and I wasn't eating the correct food my body needed to be fuelled - this was all due to post-Ibiza blues! This week wasn't too bad for me, I managed to get up, go to the gym obviously eat good food and not feel much different to every day!

So it was the day we all live for - FRIDAY!!! I headed into Leeds with some friends and Jo and Fern, we had hired a karaoke booth and spent the night singing our hearts out, I only cheated with alcohol, as much as I wanted some chocolate cake that Jo had made I managed to resist but it was a fantastic night! But boy did I know about it that next day when Jo woke me up and reluctantly dragged me to circuit at 10am! I have to say it did sort my headache out but I did have serious wine sweats! 


So me and Lee had the afternoon at a charity football match it was back to eating clean and no drink! We headed into Leeds for a friend’s birthday meal where I managed to eat clean and I didn't drink, I made sure I drove so there was no temptation! 

Last day of the weekend… Doom day Sunday! I chilled out most of the morning then met Lee and played badminton for the afternoon and then we headed out for dinner with my sister and her partner! 

Such a fantastic weekend and the scales said I had lost another 3lbs Monday morning... Perfect! 

So 3rd week it is of the detox, back to the exercises and clean eating! My cheat night will be Saturday as me and Miss Parry have a cocktail making night which should be good fun! 

So I hope everyone has a fantastic week and it’s a 4 day weekend… Whoop Whoop! 

I have heard it’s going to be an amazing weekend weather wise, so if you over indulge with drink and alcohol and feel like you need to shed a few pounds after or learn how to drink and eat healthy from the BBQ then jump on board the 21 day detox Monday to get that sun blissed figure, check out

Speak to you all in a week! 

Char :)