Evie's Tuesday Tip - How to chop an onion

This week is another basic skill and one I was asked to write, so this week Jen Love-Wilson is especially for you.

I wish I could tell you a way to chop them without stinging your eyes, but I just don’t think that exists. Trust me I have spent hours chopping onions every way imaginable and I always get a bit of a sting. So it’s not 100% possible, well not unless you use a food processer that is. However, I have discovered that keeping the root intact does reduce the amount of fumes and therefore the amount of sting.

Finely Dicing

  1. cut the onion in half from root to tip
  2. remove skin and cut the top off
  3. leaving the root intact, chop from tip to root, leaving a small space near the      root. This helps keep the onion together which is what you want. Remember      the closer together the cuts the finer it will be
  4. With the onion intact (because you haven’t cut to the root) then chop across      and hey presto even sized onion squares

If your onion is a particularly large onion, before you start to make your cuts you should slice into the onion half way up. This means none of your pieces are too big.

You’d use this method for making burgers.


Roughly Chopping

This is nice and easy. Follow steps 1 and 2 above and then make 3 cuts horizontal and 3 cuts vertical.

You’d use this cut in stews and casseroles.


Onion Rings

  1. chop the top off the onion and peel the skin off
  2. then simply cut into rings

When you chop the top off usually a bit of onion skin comes too making it easier to peel.

I love to use raw red onion rings in salads, the purple against the green of leaves looks amazing.