Birthday Blog!

Day 19 of the Big Brother house...oops sorry wrong programme!  Day 19 of the detox guys and gals and it’s been a bit of a strange one this time for me, but I just want to say first and foremost the group have been amazing and there have been some great results for people, keep going my little chickadees you are smashing it.



When I last checked in, it was prior to my birthday and no weigh in and I managed to lose 3lbs and a whopping 5 inches in total in week 1 which was fantastic and a whole 2.5 inches of my waist.  The exercises were killers this time and this is mainly due to the fact that I have been suffering from a shoulder injury for the last 7 months but also the heat OH MY GOD it has been so hot (I am not complaining honest).  I have been completing these at 5am before I go to work  and it is like exercising in a sauna room and the sweat just drips off you even for the 10 minute blasts.  However, doing these have clearly assisted on the inches and definitions, I am sure I can see a little six pack coming or is that wishful thinking....I enjoy V sits and Planks there I have said it out loud, I enjoy feeling my body work and when you see the results each week you know it is worth it and I have also managed to carry out the fit test in 5 minutes and I am pretty chuffed with that.



It is fair to say that drinking the minimum 3 litres a day has been pretty easy, in fact I have probably drank a litre or so before I have left for work in the mornings and then panic sets in on the way to work on the train, hoping I won’t get caught short far so good JUST!  The heat makes us all lethargic so drinking fizzy water with fresh lime/mint or lemon has been lovely.  I keep a bottle of 2 litre fizzy water on my desk and plough through, my weekly visit to the supermarket for home also consists of bulk buying the stuff, am hooked, makes a change to see 12 bottles of water rather than the usual 12 bottles of wine hahaha....



So end of week 1 I was a happy bunny and continued on my merry way for the next 6 days eating clean and lean., There have been a few naughty group discussions about chocolate and cravings (I am partial to the odd Freddo) but on the whole we have stuck together and kept spirits up and I am not talking the alcoholic variety just in case you are wondering. 



Tracey and Steph.jpg

Here is where things started to get a bit interesting on the willpower front....Last weekend it was my birthday and I was heading to Ascot races with the girls from the family. I was a little bit anxious about the clean eating and drinking but it was a cheat day and I have to confess despite the lovely Stephanie packing us a gorgeous picnic MCL style I did indulge in a few treats on the day, it was my birthday and I just wanted to enjoy myself.  I know that in my head I can get back on the clean and lean these days no problem as I enjoy eating this way.  We had a gorgeous prawn and avocado salad and fruit salad but we also had cupcakes, sausage rolls and scotch eggs oops sorry Jo and Fern!  I did have a few glasses of fizz on the day but it was so hot that I didn’t really want to over indulge on the alcohol so I am giving myself a big pat on the back for this as those who know me know I love a drink and will be rather surprised I didn’t indulge more, was rather nice to wake up without a hangover.  Chris was also quite pleased that we still have our house and possessions and that I had a few winners on the day :)



My fella Chris, made me a giant lemon and poppyseed muffin for my birthday (this and a skinny latte are my usual treats on either a Saturday or Sunday when I am not in full detox mode) and so how could I not resist this, it was so scrummy and I was off to the gym Sunday morning for “birthday combat” so going to the gym and doing the HIIT would burn off those extra calories.  



Tracey cake.jpg

I turned 43 on Sunday, headed for the gym and 45 minutes in I pulled my back and was in agony, so unfair, I am falling apart.  So to conclude, now I have a back and shoulder injury and so for the last week I have been unable to exercise at all.  In fact for 2 days I couldn’t even walk the pain was so bad.  Suffice to say I have been feeling very sorry for myself but I have stuck to the clean eating despite wanting to stick my head in the biscuit and cake tin and I am keeping my fingers crossed that despite not being able to exercise I will finish the 21 days with good inch and weight the end of Week 2 I had lost 4lbs and another 2 inches so that is 7 in total, let’s see what happens.



I mentioned at the beginning of my blog that the group have been amazing and they really have and when a group comes to an end whilst there is a sense of achievement there is also a sense of sadness and this is why I like to hop back in to a group every now and again just to either be a support to others or when we are having a blip to get that support back.  I have also learnt a few new recipes too, thanks girls and Evie of course keeps our tastebuds tantalised, will be trying the lamb koftas tonight at a family BBQ and definitely trying the chinese stir fry beef too sounds delicious.



So back to Day 19, it is cheat day today and I am looking forward to heading out for my skinny latte shortly, oh how things have changed.....the end is in sight for the 15th July group and I am so excited to see the results and photos on Monday whoop whoop.

Have a good few weeks peeps and keep it clean!