Evie's Tuesday Tip wk 9: Juicing Lemons & Limes

To get the most out of juicing a lemon or lime, roll it between your hands for about 60 seconds; the heat softens it making it easier to get the juice out. You could also leave your lemon and limes on the window sill with the sun on them to heat them.


Why not make a tasty Nojito (no-hee-to), as opposed to Mojito:


Roll the lime, chop into quarters then use three pieces in each tumbler, squeeze the juice out of each piece of lime and rim the top of the glass, add chopped mint and ice! There you have it, a wicked summer drink that is a clean cocktail. I like to drink these at BBQ’s when I make mojitos for guests because it stops people saying ‘oh Evie just have a drink!’











Lemon juice is also great when sprinkled on a bit of white fish. I often wrap a bit of fish in foil, squeeze of lemon and a good bit of dill - delicious clean flavours.

Lime is great in Asian dishes. Why not try a mix of light soy with lime juice - delicious, you could also add honey to that and use as a marinade or in a stir-fry.

 My favourite smoothie, which I often have as breakfast on a Saturday morning before I hit the gym is strawberry, banana and lime. It’s a great energy booster!