Living for the weekend & falling off the wagon

Living for the weekend is quite an understatement in relation to the past two weekends, and unfortunately I've been in a position where staying clean was clearly impossible!


So since my last blog I have socialised to my limit and my bank account’s limit! The first weekend saw me and my partner at York races with a group of 24 of us, so drinking started rather early on the coach journey which picked us up at 10.30am and that was it the rose wine was flowing, but I had to remember I can’t drink how I used to be able to before the detox, well I soon forgot that! 12 o'clock arrived and I had my sunglasses on covering up my eyes, turned to drinking water after copious amounts of Pimm's and stayed sat down for round about an hour and half! So it was lunch time and definitely time to line my stomach as I knew I was there till 8pm! Everything and I mean EVERYTHING was just grease - hot pork sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, fish and chips, pizza, ice cream, you name it, it was there! Fish and chips it was, it's safe to say my tummy didn't like the batter or grease one bit, but I won't tell you how my stomach got rid of it all! The Pimm's was flowing and before I knew it, it was 8.30pm and I was asleep on Lee on the bus as was he, I definitely can't handle alcohol anymore. So back home and a third wind later it's 10pm and I'm in a taxi on my way to Leeds with my partner, twin and her partner… what was I doing? Much more alcohol was consumed and it was 4am, safe to say I was on my way back home!


The following morning… I always dread that morning after a day/night of drinking, serious carb cravings! I am terrible I ate my body weight in sweets and Chinese… Boy did I feel the pain after but it had to be done, the challenge was Monday!


It's the first time I am going to say this and the last BUT, for the past 2 weeks I have fallen off the wagon - that's what Ibiza blues and a new relationship cause! I have eaten sweets at work, drunk Lucozade (only a couple of times though), ate rubbish whilst eating out, so last weekend I knew things had to change so on Saturday I went out for dinner with Lee, my Twin Becci and her partner John for dinner, I drove (on purpose) so I didn't drink! I had prawns for starters, steak burger for main and ice cream then Sunday enjoyed a couple of treats and that's when it clicked, I have a bikini to be back into in 23 days so 21 days… I'm back on it! 

The best thing is I have friends who are also doing it so its motivating me and even after 2 days I feel fantastic again as I was losing my confidence in my appearance and it’s weird how with MC&L you can always get that back at the click of the finger with Jo and Fern's support in the group, different recipe ideas so you are not bored, challenging workouts they offer, it really is an amazing programme and until falling off I didn't realise just how lucky we have all been to have our brains re-trained about food/drink/exercise for the future at next to nothing!

So I hope everyone’s having a great summer and the sunshine sure does motivate me, don't know about anyone else?

Anyway have a great couple of weeks gang and keep following the girls on Facebook - Mission Clean and Lean - Twitter - @cleanleandetox and Instagram for great photos - @missioncleanlean

Speak soon :)